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Reusable and Single-Use Fibers

for CO2 Lasers

The CO2 laser fibers are designed to be used for a wide variety of specialties including otolaryngology, head & neck, otology and gynecology.

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Product Details

The versatile CO2 laser fibers are designed to provide surgeons access to difficult-to-reach anatomy by using one of the designated handpieces, flexible endoscope or with robotically assisted technique.1

The fibers feature high, energy transmission, renewable tip and aiming beam.2

CO2 Fiber Delivery Options:

FiberLase™ CO2 Fiber

A single-use CO2 laser fiber.


FiberLase ENDURE™ CO2 Fiber

Reusable fiber for five uses.


FiberLase™ Robotic Drop-In Guide

FiberLase Drop-In Guide (DIG) provides the ability to utilize the FiberLase CO2 Laser Fiber during robotically assisted procedures that require precise soft-tissue manipulation. FiberLase is designed to be positioned within the flexible Drop-in Guide, which can be inserted through a 5mm trocar sleeve channel.


Otolase™ Flexible CO2 Fiber Delivery System

The OtoLase Flexible CO2 Fiber Delivery System is designed for delivery of CO2 laser energy for otologic surgery. The microsurgical precision of the OtoLase Delivery System makes it an ideal tool for delicate middle ear surgery and a suitable treatment for small and sensitive auditory structures. The OtoLase Fiber can be used for up to 24 surgical procedures.3

Micromanipulators Coupled to Surgical Microscopes
For CO2 laser microsurgery, free-beam surgical CO2 lasers are used with micromanipulators coupled to surgical microscopes.

To accommodate the physical dimensions of various microscopes, there are a few models of the AcuSpot™ Micromanipulator. Each is compatible with different microscope models (e.g., Zeiss and Leica microscopes). 
Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator
The Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator with SurgiTouch™ Scanner delivers laser energy allowing the surgeon to use a special joystick to direct the scan pattern onto the tissue target.