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UltraPulse™ DUO

CO2 Laser System

The system enables incision, excision, ablation and coagulation of soft tissues, and is designed for operating on delicate anatomy, for a broad spectrum of surgical specialties, including laryngology, head and neck, otology, otolaryngology and gynecology.

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Product Details

The UltraPulse DUO is designed to provide precision and minimal thermal damage when operating on delicate anatomy.1

The 60W system delivers CO2 laser energy via an articulated arm or through a dedicated CO2 laser fiber.

The system offers two lasing modes:

  • CW (Continues Wave) - For incision or ablation where hemostasis (coagulation) is desirable.
  • UP (UltraPulse) - For incision or ablation where char-free performance is desirable.