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Single-use devices

We offer devices to help physicians effectively diagnose and treat GI cancers and diseases. Devices for biopsy, tissue resection, balloon dilation and hemostasis are part of our comprehensive offering.


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Balloons: Dilation and Extraction (1)

Clips (1)

  • Resolution™ Clip

    The radiopaque Resolution Clip is designed for hemostasis, endoscopic marking, closure and anchoring of jejunal feeding tubes. It also can be used for hemostasis for prophylactic clipping to reduce the risk of delayed bleeding post lesion resection.

  • Resolution 360™ Clip

    Resolution 360 Clip builds on the strong clinical and economic track record established by Resolution Clip. The Resolution 360 Clip has controlled clip placement and 1:1 rotation designed to enable faster and more accurate placement.

  • Resolution 360™ ULTRA Clip

    The Resolution 360 Platform now offers standard and wide jaw clips designed to meet your clinical needs.

Endoluminal Surgery Devices (1)

  • Apollo ESG™ System

    Apollo ESG™ performs the ESG procedure to facilitate weight loss in patients with obesity (BMI 30-50 kg/m2).

  • Apollo Revise™ System

    Endoscopic bariatric revision procedures can help patients get back on track with a successful weight loss journey by addressing anatomic changes that may cause weight regain.

  • Orbera™ Intragastric Balloon System

    The Orbera™ Intragastric Balloon System is used in a reversible weight loss procedure backed by over 20 years of data that helps jump-start patients on a healthy path.

Endoscopic Closure (1)

  • OverStitch™ Endoscopic Suturing System

    The OverStitch Endoscopic Suturing System allows you to place durable, full-thickness sutures offering your patients stable constructs through a minimally invasive approach. With the ability to customize suture patterns, OverStitch enables you to lead the way for new and enhanced treatment options for a wide range of procedures.

  • X-Tack™

    X-tack allows for suture-based, deep submucosal and intramuscular enhanced fixation through a standard gastroscope or colonoscope. Designed specifically for applications in the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract.

Forceps (1)

  • Single-Use Radial Jaw™ 4 Biopsy Forceps

    Our biopsy forceps include sizes from Standard Capacity to Jumbo to Large Capacity, providing options based on physician preference and a variety of disease states. Hot, Pediatric, and Multibite™ Forceps options can be found in our catalog.

  • CoreDx™ Pulmonary Mini-Forceps

    For intranodal histologic sample collection—a complementary tool for EBUS procedures

  • SpyBite™ Max Biopsy Forceps

    A design enhancement to the legacy, SpyBite Max Biopsy Forceps has been shown to acquire more than 2X tissue in an average bite*.

    Performing biopsies under direct visualization using the SpyGlass™ System and SpyBite Biopsy Forceps (86% sensitivity) enables faster, more accurate diagnosis of malignancies ¹ .

Retrieval Devices (1)

  • RescueNet™ Retrieval Net

    The RescueNet Device is specifically designed for optimal visibility, control and strength for quick and efficient foreign body removal.

  • Rescue™ Retrieval Devices

    The Rescue Retrieval Devices are specifically designed for optimal maneuverability and grasping power.

  • TrapEase™ Polyp Traps

    Designed for safe specimen handling, easy and convenient removal of polyps and to help prevent loss of polyps during suction.

Snares (1)

  • Captivator™ II Single-Use Snare

    The Captivator II Snares are the first line of stiff and rounded snares, with hot and cold snaring indications. A variety of size options help manage different polyp types.