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Captivator™ II

Single-Use Snare

Captivator™ II Single-Use Snare
Image of different size options of snare
Image of smaller loop options
Image of stiff braided wire
Image of hot and cold supported indicator
The rounded shape of the Captivator II snare is designed to capture flat lesions.
Provides a variety of size options to help manage different polyp types
Smaller loop options help with the removal of diminutive polyps and the resection of residual tissue during EMR
The stiff braided wire design provides grip and traction on flat polyps and allows for wire control.
All of Boston Scientific’s snares are now indicated for both cold and hot polypectomy.

The Captivator II Snares are the first line of stiff and rounded snares, with hot and cold snaring indications. A variety of size options help manage different polyp types.


Product Details

The Captivator II Snare line provides a variety of size options to help manage different polyp types such as large or flat lesions, lesions on the right-side of the colon and lesions on a colonic fold.

The Captivator II Snares are the first line of stiff and rounded snares, available in multiple sizes with both a hot and cold snaring indication.

Features include:                    

  • Stiff Snare
  • Rounded Shape
  • Braided Wire
  • Hot/Cold Indication
  • Smaller Loop Options

Ordering Information

Captivator II Single-Use Snare
Captivator II Single-Use Snare
GTINOrder NumberDescriptionLoop Width (mm)Sheath O.D. (mm)Minimum Working Channel (mm)Working Length (cm)Packaging
08714729855903M0056122110mm Rounded - Stiff
102.42402.8Box 10
08714729861300M0056122210mm Rounded - Stiff102.42402.8Box 20
08714729861317M0056122310mm Rounded-Stiff102.42402.8Box 40
08714729855910M0056123115mm Rounded - Stiff152.42402.8Box 10
08714729861331M0056123215mm Rounded - Stiff152.42402.8Box 20
08714729861348M0056123315mm Rounded-Stiff152.42402.8Box 40
08714729855927M0056124120mm Rounded - Stiff202.42402.8Box 10
08714729861362M0056124220mm Rounded - Stiff202.42402.8Box 20
08714729861379M0056124320mm Rounded-Stiff202.42402.8Box 40
08714729855934M0056119125mm Rounded - Stiff252.42402.8Box 10
08714729861270M0056119225mm Rounded - Stiff252.42402.8Box 20
08714729861287M0056119325mm Rounded-Stiff252.42402.8Box 40
08714729645801M00561291Extra Large Rounded Stiff332.42402.8Box 10

Case Studies

Case Study: Tubulovillous Adenoma with Intramucosal Adenocarcinoma

Presented by Bridger W. Clarke, MD (USA)

This case demonstrates the effectiveness of wide-field endoscopic mucosal resection for dysplastic polyps and intramucosal adenocarcinoma, with definitive pathologic confirmation on the resected rectum.


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