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Infection Prevention

Addressing the challenges of endoscope processing

Boston Scientific understands the complexities of endoscope processing, and we are committed to helping your nursing staff manage the challenges of this labor-intensive process. With our comprehensive suite of products and a best-in-class support team ready to answer questions and provide in-service training, we are ready to assist your endoscopy group. 

Infection prevention sponge on scope

The issue of biofilm and other substances buildup

Silicone lubricants cannot easily be removed from surfaces using water or detergent, even with vigorous cleaning. We address this important issue by using water-soluble materials that can prevent buildup on your endoscope surfaces over time – including lubricants, bacteria or biofilm. Learn about the science behind out Orca™ Single-use Air, Water and Suction Valves.

The endoscope processing roadmap

Based on the standards, guidelines, and instructions for use, this endoscope cleaning visual aid is designed to help you prevent missteps that could cause infection due to cross-contamination. Download, print and post it to remind your team of this detailed process. 

This roadmap is for informational purposes only and Boston Scientific makes no representation or warranties. It is not in lieu of a facility’s policy, protocol, processes or an OEM’s instructions for use regarding processing. 

Infection Prevention Products

View of the infection prevention kit laid out with sponge, endoglide, brushes and other pieces showing

Boston Scientific’s portfolio of endoscope processing solutions are developed by clinical experts who have experience in infection prevention, microbiology and gastrointestinal endoscopy. While we are currently developing a robust eCommerce capability, our new eCatalog is available to search products and view details.

Ready to help you meet your endoscope processing needs

Our products are designed to help you mitigate cross-contamination risk and support endoscope processing — from point-of-care set-up (pre-cleaning) through processing and drying.*

*Some products are not offered or sold by Boston Scientific. Available through Boston Scientific’s referral of customer to third-party broker Handle Global.

Education programs for your nursing team

Nurse in blue scrubs leaning one hand on whiteboard

Boston Scientific provides extensive education and training to enhance your staff’s knowledge and proficiency of endoscope processing. Our offerings include:

  • 12 active Continuing Nurse Education (CNE) programs on processing and infection prevention. Accreditation is through nursing societies as well as ABCGN, CBSPD and HSPA for recertifications.
  • Programs focused on foundational and advanced infection prevention principles.
  • Adherence to scope reprocessing training.

Visit EDUCARE to learn more

Visit EDUCARE to learn more. CNE programs can be found by selecting the Training drop down in the top navigation bar. Or contact your Boston Scientific representative to learn more about in-service training on the safe and effective use of our devices.

Single-use solutions, long-standing commitment to safety

Reducing infection risk is vital to patient safety in your endoscopy suite—yet complying with increased regulatory guidelines for endoscope processing requires time and resources. To support your team and complement your existing processing program, we’ve developed several single-use procedural devices and endoscope solutions.

Single-use endoscopes

Single-use valves

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