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Air/Water Cleaning Adapter

The Porpoise™ Air/Water Cleaning Adapter is a single-use alternative to reusable cleaning adapters designed to address issues related to potential contamination during reprocessing. It is designed to flush the air and water channels with air and water during the bedside pre-cleaning process, after endoscopic procedures.


Product Details

The Porpoise™ Air/Water Cleaning Adapter provides important patient safety and operational efficiency benefits.
  • A cleaning adapter facilitates a critical step of the Olympus pre-cleaning process: flushing the endoscope channels and nozzle to aid in preventing buildup of potentially infectious bioburden and foreign debris. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  • The use of single-use cleaning adapters ensures a clean and functioning air/water cleaning adapter is available for endoscopes post-procedure, guarding against the contamination risk associated with incomplete bedside reprocessing steps or wear and tear on reusable cleaning adapters. 5,6,8,9
  • The Porpoise™ Air/Water Cleaning Adapter is designed to meet the pre-cleaning guideline requirements for a cleaning adapter in the applicable Olympus reprocessing manuals. 1,2,3,4,5,6
  • The use of a single-use air/water cleaning adapter eliminates: 
    • The labor burden and costs associated with reprocessing, tracing and maintaining reusable cleaning adapters potentially increasing operational efficiency. 
    • The risk of misplacing, discarding, and having to frequently replace a reusable cleaning adapter, potentially contributing to economic savings.5,6

In addition, working with Boston Scientific brings benefits of standardization including inventory readiness and educational support. 


Ordering Information

Product CodeDescriptionUnit
M00501891 Porpoise™ Air/Water Cleaning Adapter (For use with Olympus 160,180, and 190 gastrointestinal endoscopes) Box 50

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