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Orca™ Valves

Orca single use valves are a new product designed to minimize the risk of infection transmission and to improve efficiencies by eliminating the need for cleaning and tracking, offering single use benefits with the same feel and performance as re-usable valves.

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Product Features

•      Enclosed spring designed to prevent entrapment of fluid or debris which could compromise function and cause valve “sticking”

•      Recessed, matte finish finger grip helps provide greater gripping capability and minimizes finger slippage

•      Precision manufactured shaft and symmetrical center hole designed for consistent fit, function and performance

•      Snap-fit boot designed to secure attachment of valve to cylinder to help prevent leakage

•      Large, flat, color-coded finger perch provides comfort and easy valve identification

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Orca Sterile, Single Use Air/Water and Suction Valves

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