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HeartLogic Resources

From clinical data to workflow tools, explore heart failure resources designed to help support your practice, increase efficiencies, improve patient outcomes and put the power to change the future of electrophysiology in your hands.


Resources (-)

  • A Multisensor Algorithm Predicts Heart Failure Events in Patients With Implanted Devices

    External Link( 44.0 KB )

    Dr. Boehmer et al. studied whether an algorithm combining a diverse set of implanted device-based sensors chosen to target heart failure pathophysiology could detect worsening heart failure.

  • EDUCARE HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic Training

    External Link( 42.0 KB )

    Find an interactive CE course, hands-on workbook, training videos, study guides and other educational tools to help you proactively manage signs and symptoms of worsening heart failure using HeartLogic.

  • HeartLogic Alert Management Guide

    External Link( 58.0 KB )

    This guide explains the 3A Process, a suggested clinical workflow where a HeartLogic alert triggers a data review of the Heart Failure Management Report and prompts patient discussions to spur clinical action. The 3A Process suggests steps and information to consider when choosing the course of clinical action.

  • HeartLogic and LATITUDE™ NXT CAM Checklist

    External Link( 52.0 KB )

    This checklist will help clinic account managers (CAM) understand HeartLogic, organize patients into groups that work best for their practice, get reimbursed, manage users and monitor patients using the LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management System.

  • HeartLogic Clinical Compendium

    External Link( 28.0 KB )

    This document is a compilation of relevant clinical publication references that form the clinical foundation of the HeartLogicTM Heart Failure Diagnostic, organized by sensor trend/topic area and by relevance.

  • Heartlogic fact sheet

    External Link( 123.0 KB )

    Use this one-page handout to help facilitate conversations withyour patients' care teams about the benefits of HeartLogic.

  • HeartLogic Physician’s Technical Guide

    External Link( 36.0 KB )

    Discover how to use HeartLogic in your practice, including reading the HeartLogic index, configuring alerts, understanding the sensors and more with this comprehensive guide.

  • LATITUDE NXT Video Resources

    External Link( 40.0 KB )

    Video resources to educate clinicians and patients about the latest generation of the Boston Scientific LATITUDETM Patient Management System.

  • MultiSENSE Study Summary

    External Link( 11.0 KB )

    This PDF summarizes the study and alert algorithm validation design, methods and results of the MultiSENSE Study.

  • Prospective Evaluation of the Multisensor HeartLogic algorithm for Heart Failure Monitoring

    External Link( 1.0 MB )

    This prospective evaluation demonstrates how the HeartLogic algorithm allowed HF patients to be effectively and efficiently managed by means of remote follow-up protocol.

  • Results From the MultiSENSE Study

    External Link( 61.0 KB )

    This study evaluates whether the HeartLogic multisensor heart failure index and alert algorithm replaces or augments current heart failure risk stratification.

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