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Electrophysiology / RHYTHMIA™ Cardiac Mapping System / RHYTHMIA HDx™ Mapping / LUMIPOINTTM Software Module

The Next Level of Ultra-HD Mapping

LUMIPOINT Software Module is a suite of tools that leverages proprietary EGM data from RHYTHMIA HDx to automate the identification of the most critical, clinically relevant areas of the map and streamline the process of map interpretation.
Lumipoint Simple Activation

Automatically highlight electrograms of interest within the context of activation and voltage maps

Click below to visualize how you can play LUMIPOINT Propagation on the voltage map.
Lumipoint Simple Activation
The RHYTHMIA HDx mapping system offers 99.98% annotation accuracy.5

Customize activation maps with rapid electrogram reannotation

See how LUMIPOINT Group Reannotation was used to reannotate to the late potentials in this Ischemic VT activation map.
Image 1
image 2
Lumipoint Simple Activation

Rapidly highlight lines of blocks and fractionated signals

LUMIPOINT Split Activation and LUMIPOINT Complex Activation highlight a small gap from a previous PVI ablation.
Redo Atrial Fibrillation
Redo atrial fibrillation
Lumipoint Skyline

Localize slow and narrow conduction with SKYLINETM

SKYLINE presents a novel view of full chamber activation, displaying the amount of surface area activating at specific times during the full tachycardia cycle length.
Redo Atrial Fibrillation
Lumipoint animation

Highlight areas of interest and potential ablation targets by the click of a button.

A suite of novel tools that allows for automated interpretation of high-definition maps, designed to streamline your workflow and save you time.

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HDx mapping system resources

RHYTHMIA HDx Mapping System Resources

Close-up of a RHYTHMIA HDx high-definition cardiac map.

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Physician using a Boston Scientific electrophysiology product.

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