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Interventional Cardiology

Structural Heart

Best-in-class cerebral protection device and guidewire

Boston Scientific’s portfolio and pipeline, of transcatheter structural heart valve therapies, tools, clinical evidence and training is designed to help you:

  • Improve quality outcomes while reducing the risk of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR)-related stroke and complications
  • Improve operational efficiencies through meaningful innovation, training, and education to expand on clinicians’ and lab staff’s expertise
  • Advance your structural heart program with creative healthcare solutions and partnerships providing value beyond our market-leading products

Commitment to a patient-first mentality

Protection from stroke

Boston Scientific is the first and only company to offer Protected TAVR™ with SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System enabling you to reduce the risk of TAVR-related stroke — a devastating outcome for patients and the healthcare system.

Illustration showing the risk reduction of TAVR-related stroke with SENTINEL™

SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System

SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System device

Demonstrated protection

  • 99% of TAVR procedures in the SENTINEL IDE Trial had embolic debris removed
  • 3-4% absolute reduction in peri-procedural stroke1
  • 60-80% relative reduction in peri-procedural stroke 1,2,3
Internal cardiovascular illustration showing the placement of the SENTINEL™ Cerebral Protection System device

Safe and fast to deploy

  • 99.6% safe and successful delivery and retrieval4
  • 0.4% access site-related vascular complication rate
  • 4 minutes median deployment time 4

High cost associated with stroke during TAVR


Increase ($12,737) in average TAVR index hospitalization costs5


Average increase in length of stay (LOS)5


Increase in cumulative 1-year healthcare costs (additional $59,646)5


Higher 30-day readmission rates (20.5% vs 15.6%)6

PROTECTED TAVR randomized controlled trial

The PROTECTED TAVR Trial is an all-comers study to prospectively determine if SENTINEL CPS significantly reduces risk of peri-procedural stroke (≤ 72 h) after TAVR. Enrollment is underway.  

SAFARI2™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire

SAFARI2™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire device

Shaped and sized for safety

  • Enable safe treatment of a broad range of patients with valvular disease
  • #1 TAVR wire globally

Structural Heart resources

Coding and payment guides

Procedural coding and reimbursement information for inpatient, outpatient, office, and ASC settings.

Practical solutions for complex challenges

Boston Scientific is offering a growing selection of offerings specifically tailored to propel your cardiovascular business forward.

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