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WATCHMAN™ Calibration Program

With the WATCHMAN Calibration Program, you have a trusted partner to help enhance the patient experience and can leverage our expertise to help increase patient volumes and eliminate barriers to productivity.  

Case study

Kettering Medical Center partnered with WATCHMAN™ Healthcare Solutions to explore opportunities to increase patient referral and procedure volumes, reduce patient access time to procedure, increase team productivity and improve referral physician satisfaction.

Results for their LAAC program included:

  • 51% annual growth of WATCHMAN cases from baseline year 2019 to 2020
  • 306% Q1 growth of WATCHMAN cases from baseline year 2019 to 2021
  • Program’s direct costs are lower than the state average and remained consistent year-over-year

HeartLogic™ Implementation Program

Maximize the benefits of HeartLogic™ heart failure diagnostic. By facilitating a rapid workflow redesign across cardiovascular care teams, the HeartLogic Implementation Program helps healthcare systems realize the clinical and economic value of proactive care for heart failure patients.

Case study

Carolina Cardiology Consultants, an affiliate of Prisma Health, wanted to improve how they support patients using the HeartLogic™ diagnostic, which is available in the Vigilant™, Momentum™, Perciva™ and the Resonate™ family of high-voltage devices. A Boston Scientific team with expertise in HeartLogic and workflow redesign worked closely with the cardiovascular team to identify challenges with current heart failure and device remote monitoring processes.

The results of the HeartLogic Implementation Program include:

  • 22% increase in HeartLogic patients being managed
  • 62% reduction in maximum days in HeartLogic alert
  • 43k annual ICPM reimbursement opportunity identified*

Additionally for Prisma Health, Carolina Cardiology Consultants developed and implemented a dual-platform remote patient monitoring program for heart failure, which included the HeartLogic diagnostic. The single-center experience resulted in:1


Reduction in cardiac hospitalizations


Reduction in cardiac related ED visits


Reduction in cardiac length of stay (LOS) from 9.7 to 3.7 days


Customer Testimonials

“All things being equal between devices, we would prefer the Boston Scientific HeartLogic enabled devices. We appreciate Boston Scientific educating the cardiology team including HFS and EPs on the technology.”
-Jason Guichard, M.D., PH.D., Heart Failure Cardiologist  

“The Boston Scientific team was great at evaluating workflows and making efficient suggestions in areas of opportunity.”
-Sarah Matthews, N.P.

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* If monthly implantable cardiovascular physiologic monitor (ICPM) billing occurs for HeartLogic patients

1. Baginski BN, Byrne KA, Vaz DG, Barber R, Blackhurst D, Tibbett TP, Guichard JL (2021). Development and implementation of a remote patient monitoring program for heart failure: a single-center experience