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Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewires

SAFARI<sup>2</sup>™ Pre-Shaped TAVI Guidewire
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SAFARI<sup>2</sup>™ Pre-Shaped Guidewire
SAFARI2™ Pre-Shaped Guidewire
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SAFARI2 - Number one TAVI wire. Enhanced wire predictability with superior shape retention*,† Streamlined device delivery through optimized rail support‡,§,** Widest guidewire choice with three curve sizes in two stiffness profiles

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Shaped and Sized for Safety

Three Sizes & Two Stiffness Profiles for Customized Selection

  • Pre-shaped design for predictable, reliable performance across a broad spectrum of transcatheter devices*,†, ‡,§,**
  • Widest guidewire choice with three curve sizes and two stiffness profiles, enabling customized selection based on physician preference
  • Extra small curve designed for small and/or hypertrophic ventricles 
  • SAFARI2 Extra Support designed with increased proximal wire stiffness1 designed to optimize rail support in tortuous anatomy
Stiffness profile

Designed for Superior Shape Retention

  • The double curve architecture absorbs contractions of the left ventricle and facilitates stable, atraumatic placement 
  • SAFARI2 demonstrates superior curve retention and maintenance of geometry during compression *,†
SAFARI2 Compression Testing
SAFARI2 keeps a stable position and curve when subjected to a 30% compression load simulating the compression in the left ventricle.
SAFARI2 Curve Retention Testing
SAFARI maintains a high percentage of curve geometry after insertion into a pigtail catheter.

Products Specifications

Guidewire Specifications
Guidewire SpecificationsSAFARI2SAFARI2 Extra Support
Outer Diameter0.035” (0.889 mm)0.035” (0.889 mm)
Overall Length27S cm27S cm
Core MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Coil MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Curve Dimensions
 Extra SmallSmallLarge
Height3.2 cm4.2 cm5.0 cm
Width2.9 cm4.2 cm4.9 cm

Ordering Information

DescriptionQuantity perOrder Number (GTIN)Ref/Catalog Number
SAFARl2 Guidewire Extra Small Curve5 Pack08714729887614H74939406XS1
SAFARl2 Guidewire Small Curve5 Pack08714729887591H74939406Sl
SAFARl2 Guidewire Large Curve5 Pack08714729887577H74939406L1
SAFARl2 Guidewire Extra Small Curve1 Single08714729887638H74939407XSO
SAFARl2 Guidewire Small Curve1 Single08714729887652H74939407SO
SAFARl2 Guidewire Small Curve1 Single08714729887645H74939407LO
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Extra Small Curve5 Pack10816349012621H74939597ESXS1
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Small Curve5 Pack10816349012614H74939597ESS1
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Large Curve5 Pack10816349012607H74939597ESL1
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Extra Small Curve1 Single10816349012655H74939598ESXS0
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Small Curve1 Single10816349012648H74939598ESS0
SAFARl2 Extra Support Guidewire Large Curve1 Single10816349012631H74939598ESL0