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Solutions and partnerships

Propel your cardiovascular business forward

In addition to market-leading cardiovascular innovations, Boston Scientific brings practical solutions and partnerships to help you navigate and overcome complex challenges.

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Solutions and partnerships include:

  • Medical education to train and retain healthcare professionals
  • Enhanced workflows for patients with heart failure and atrial fibrillation at risk for stroke 
  • Expertise and resources to help you address healthcare inequities in your communities 
  • Integrated LAAC Solutions for WATCHMAN™, one of the fastest growing procedures in the Cardiovascular Service Line
  • Solutions to drive efficiencies for your cardiovascular service line (CVSL) including remote case support, AI enabled procedure charge capture, and radiation reduction without compromising workflow

EDUCARE global education and training

Advance clinical excellence and staff retention

At Boston Scientific, we're committed to making medical education and training more relevant and accessible for physicians and staff. EDUCARE is a comprehensive suite of education and training programs that support healthcare professionals in the delivery of patient care.

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We deliver innovative procedural simulations and learning programs with globally recognized faculty through:

  • Training library - explore real-world case studies, procedural videos, and more 
  • Continuing Education – access online CE courses anytime, anywhere
  • Event listings - find out what programs are available
  • Personalized dashboard - track your learning progress

Reduce health inequities with Close the Gap

Educate and empower healthcare providers

For more than 15 years, Boston Scientific’s Close the Gap program has helped healthcare systems and providers build outreach programs that address healthcare disparities in the Black, Hispanic, Latinx, and female populations.  

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We work with you to provide robust hospital-specific data and customizable resources to inform and activate measurable changes in care through:

  • Elevating health equity awareness by providing patient and HCP resources to support health literacy, preparing for physician visits and communicating barriers to care

  • Empowering providers to act in addressing healthcare inequities by collaborating to develop action plans for addressing barriers and engaging patients that seek care

With Close the Gap, you gain specific data-driven insights for your organization, including:

  • National view of disease prevalence

  • Disease prevalence by specific zip code

  • Automated statistical analysis reports on treatment disparities 

  • Marketing assets branded to the hospital to support health inequity initiatives 

“Close the Gap is not a feel-good initiative. It really is a testament to the mission that underlies everything that we do as a company at Boston Scientific. We are here to improve the healthcare outcomes for all patients around the world.”

Headshot of Camille Chang Gilmore Camille Chang Gilmore - VP, Human Resources and Global Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) for Boston Scientific

Close the Gap maps these disease states

Infographic for atrial fibrillation of a heart with a beat running through it.

Atrial fibrillation

Infographic for coronary artery disease of a full medical heart.

Coronary artery disease

Infographic for heart failure of a medical heart with a lightning bolt by it.

Heart failure

Infographic for peripheral artery disease / critical limb ischemia of a medical heart showing the branches.

Peripheral artery disease / Critical limb ischemia

Real life case studies

HeartLogic™ heart failure diagnostic insights

HeartLogic is the first FDA-approved heart failure diagnostic that uses multiple sensors to track physiological trends and combine them into one composite index.

When the index crosses over a configurable threshold, HeartLogic sends a proactive alert to the clinician via the Heart Failure Management Report from the LATITUDE™ NXT Remote Patient Management System. These actionable insights may help you adjust treatment and potentially avoid an impending heart failure event. This is an extraordinary first, only from Boston Scientific.


Developed and implemented a remote patient monitoring program for heart failure: a single-center experience.1


Reduction in cardiac hospitalizations


Reduction in cardiac related ED visits


Reduction in cardiac length of stay from 9.70 to 3.70 days

Atrium Health

Development of a virtual heart failure clinic utilizing alert-based device diagnostics.1


Reduction in time to manage heart failure patients


Reduction in cost to manage heart failure patients

HeartLogic Implementation Program

Efficiently improve clinic workflows, provide better patient outcomes and achieve significant cost savings.


  • Data insights
  • Care team interviews
  • Best practice sharing


  • Workflow mapping
  • Recommendations
  • Optimize patient management system


  • Progress against recommendations
  • Follow-up HeartLogic data insights

WATCHMAN™ Integrated LAAC Solutions

WATCHMAN Integrated LAAC Solutions addresses key challenges and growth opportunities to enable a seamless and successful path through procedure for everyone involved in the care pathway. With more than a dozen solutions, this portfolio supports LAAC programs in building best-in-class procedural outcomes, operational excellence and effective patient and referrer engagement strategies.

Key solutions include:

HAWKEYE™ Workflow and Patient Management Tool

Automates LAAC patient management

  • Patient workflow and reporting application designed to automate LAAC patient management
  • Notifies your team of any pre-procedure or post-implant tasks to ensure program compliance and improve patient experience
  • Save time and scale your program with critical data and performance tools


Reduction in administrative coordination time of LAAC programs2

WATCHMAN TruPlan™ CT Imaging Software

  • Unmatched LAAC insights offering clinical guidance for optimal outcomes
  • Easy to access with unlimited licenses and sharable sessions
  • Easy to use with intuitive controls for quick and easy case pre-planning

WATCHMAN Calibration Program

Through the Calibration Program, our team partners with implanting centers to identify opportunities within LAAC programs, recommend solutions and provide on-going support to accelerate program success.

The WATCHMAN Calibration Program will focus on the following key objectives for our customer. 

  1. Identify and reach more eligible patients
  2. Streamline processes and develop high performing teams 
  3. Scale your program to optimize care and meet growing demand

Learn more about the WATCHMAN Calibration Program

Additional solutions to advance your strategic priorities

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1. Baginski BN, Byrne KA, Vaz DG, Barber R, Blackhurst D, Tibbett TP, Guichard JL (2021). Development and implementation of a remote patient monitoring program for heart failure: a single-center experience. 
2. BSC data on file. Results may vary given this is a single-center example