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A Boston Scientific employee wearing protective glasses looks down at her lab workspace.

Our DE&I strategy

Attract, develop and retain

Diversity, equity and inclusion in our organization

We want to engage people of all cultures, ethnicities, gender identities, backgrounds, experiences, orientations and beliefs, and empower all to share their ideas and perspectives. Focusing on innovation and enabling career development upholds our core values. It can lead to our greatest breakthroughs for patients around the world.

To create change throughout our organization, we’re focusing our efforts on key areas of the employee experience. Learn more about our strategy and programs that bring it to life below.


We believe fueling innovation and diversity at Boston Scientific starts with inclusive hiring. 

Our efforts to attract diverse talent

Inclusive hiring practices

We continually assess our hiring materials and practices, including our focus on diverse slates to provide rich pools of candidates with the opportunity to compete for open roles.

Recruiting with purpose

We identify, participate in and sponsor recruitment events involving individuals with disabilities, military talent, LGBTQ+ individuals and more.


We recognize and provide development opportunities across our workforce to ensure that employees at all levels experience meaningful careers.

How we're investing in our employees' development

Career growth programs

We offer a range of development and advancement opportunities for all employees, including mentorship, sponsorship and leadership development programs for women and multicultural employees.

A few examples include GROW – Give Real Opportunities for Valuable Work Experience – which helps us develop and retain direct labor employees. Our Accelerated Diverse Talent (ADT) initiative supports the development of women and multicultural talent with the potential for advancing to more senior leadership roles. We also have the EXCELerate opportunity for high-potential women leaders, which is a multi-year program that matches each participant with executive career mentors and advocates.

Embedding inclusive behaviors

We require all employees to complete unconscious bias training and encourage them to set their own inclusion and engagement goals. Employees can also take our Anti-Racism and Cultural History (ARCH) curriculum to develop skills to recognize and address systemic racism, bias and prejudice.

Developing leaders as inclusion champions

Our leaders play an important role in coaching and creating a safe and equitable workplace for their teams. Leaders must complete DE&I training to raise awareness about important issues and challenges — including systemic racism and potential bias — to enhance their cultural competency. And as part of our evaluation process when hiring or promoting senior leaders, we consider how candidates have demonstrated inclusive behaviors.


We support and engage employees in essential programs and initiatives to maintain our diverse and inclusive culture.

How we’re maintaining our culture


Gathering inclusive data is essential to fostering an inclusive culture. We implement self-ID touchpoints so we can better understand and curate overall employee engagement, experiences, programs, policies and processes that will help effectively work towards our DE&I goals.

Inclusion councils

We have more than 50 inclusion councils, which consist of employees who volunteer to accelerate DE&I efforts and outcomes at the division, function, region, country or site level.

Employee listening and retention research

We actively seek employee feedback, create opportunities for candid, courageous dialogue and look to data and trends to continually improve the retention of our talent.

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Extending our approach

Discover more about how we are advancing equity in health care and our communities.

All data as of December 31, 2022 unless otherwise noted.