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Inclusive Employee Resource Groups

Our global employee resource groups (ERGs) are at the heart of our diverse, equitable and inclusive culture. Our 10 global ERGs are formed across specific dimensions of diversity to offer employees important opportunities to meet, learn and grow outside their day-to-day jobs. Each group has an executive sponsor who champions their work and ERG global leaders meet quarterly with the Boston Scientific Executive Committee and DE&I team members on our Global Council for Inclusion.




Our ERGs are making an impact around the world:

Bridge is a network of employees committed to creating a world-class organization by positively influencing the recruitment, development and retention of Black employees, and by engaging employees to improve the healthcare of ethnically diverse patient populations.
Women's Network
EmpowHER promotes an inclusive culture by advocating for women, fosters valuable connections through mentoring and sponsorship, provides professional development opportunities, and supports individuals in their approach to a healthy integration of life and work.
FIRE honors, advances and empowers indigenous employees and communities and raises a collective voice for advocacy and representation of indigenous employees and cultures where Boston Scientific has a footprint.
HOLA provides networking, developmental and leadership opportunities to its members for their personal and professional development, while also contributing to the culture and growth of the organization by celebrating Hispanic heritage. HOLA members promote the company’s core values by using their skills to give back to and improve our communities.
LEAD promotes the inclusion and celebration of people with disabilities to be empowered to bring their authentic selves to work. LEAD raises awareness for issues specific to people with disabilities in the workplace and community while creating allies and sustaining a safe environment where they can learn, teach and share resources for individuals, customers and allies.
PEARL provides a platform to promote awareness of the cultural identity of people of Asian and Pacific Islander descent, and their value within our company and communities. Their work also supports business objectives and helps provide career opportunities to our growing global workforce.
PRIDE is a welcoming network of LGBTQ+ employees and allies. This group fosters inclusiveness and professional fulfillment through corporate and community LGBTQ+ programs and initiatives, while inspiring all to bring their authentic selves to work.
SAIL is a network of employees who are passionate about diversity and physical and mental well-being. They serve as a channel to advance professional development, business growth and corporate citizenship for employees, patients and physicians of South Asian descent, and their communities.
VETS helps foster an atmosphere of gratitude and service to others, particularly for employees serving on active duty, veterans and their families.
YPN is founded on the growth and development of its talented, multi-generational members. It provides a safe and encouraging environment to develop leadership skills and cross-functional relationships within Boston Scientific and beyond.

Global Council for Inclusion



Our leaders are important role models for driving change. The Boston Scientific Global Council for Inclusion is chaired by our chief financial officer and its membership includes our chairman and CEO, the entire Executive Committee, our global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) team and all employee resource group global leaders. The council meets quarterly to assess DE&I progress and engage in candid conversations on issues that our employee groups may be facing.


Dan Brennan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Creating Connections & Conversation

"The Global Council for Inclusion has proven to be a valuable bridge for open dialogue to identify solutions that have the greatest impact on creating an environment where every employee has an opportunity to grow and bring their authentic self to work.”

– Dan Brennan, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


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