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Peripheral Thrombectomy System

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Zelante DVT deep vein thrombosis animation
AngioJet peripheral thrombectomy catheters
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AngioJet mechanical thrombectomy Power Pulse delivery
AngioJet Thrombectomy System
Watch Zelante DVT deep vein thrombosis animation.
Peripheral AngioJet Catheters 
Power Pulse™ Delivery Animation
AngioJet Thrombectomy System

The AngioJet Thrombectomy System is a pharmacomechanical peripheral thrombectomy device with active aspiration and Power Pulse™ lytic delivery designed to treat the widest range of thrombosed vessels, rapidly restoring blood flow.

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Product detail

Features & benefits overview

The AngioJet Thrombectomy system provides the power and flexibility for rapid thrombus removal, quick restoration of blood flow, symptom improvement and ease of use.

  • Active aspiration and Power Pulse lytic delivery for tough clots
  • Wide offering of catheters for treating arterial, venous and AV access in vessels ranging from 1.5 mm to large iliofemoral clot burdens
  • Compact, highly mobile console design

Catheter specifications

Model Indication Delivery Platform Minimum Vessel Diameter Catheter Length Catheter Diameter Guidewire Power Pulse™ Enabled Guidewire Swappable Contrast Injection Port
ZelanteDVT™ Venous OTW 6 mm 105 cm 8 F 0.035” Yes Yes Yes
Solent™ Omni Peripheral Arterial and Venous, AV Access OTW 3 mm 120 cm 6 F 0.035” Yes Yes Yes
Solent™ Proxi Peripheral Arterial and Venous, AV Access OTW 3 mm 90 cm 6 F 0.035” Yes Yes Yes
Solent™ Dista Peripheral Arterial OTW 1.5 mm 145 cm 4 F / 3 F 0.014” Yes N/A N/A
AVX™ AV Access Grafts and Fistula OTW 3 mm 50 cm 6 F 0.035” N/A N/A Yes

Console overview

Advanced, User-Friendly Console 

  • Control system automates set-up and monitors operation
  • Step-by-step interface for procedural efficiency
  • Automated system self-configures to each catheter
  • Compact, highly mobile console

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance or to inquire about the purchase of a console please contact 1-800-949-6708.


Mechanism of action

1. The AngioJet Console monitors and controls the system. 

2. The console energizes the pump which sends pressurized saline to the catheter tip. 

AngioJet Mechanism of Action
3. Saline jets travel backwards to create a low pressure zone causing a vacuum effect. (Image 1)
AngioJet Mechanism of Action
4. Thrombus is drawn into the in-flow windows and the jets push the thrombus back down the catheter. (Image 2)
AngioJet Mechanism of Action
5. Thrombus is evacuated from the body and into the collection bag. (Image 3)

Ordering information

Product Name Catalog Number UPN
Angiojet System Console 105650 105650-001
ZelanteDVT™ 114610 114610-001
Solent Omni 109681 109681-001
Solent Proxi 109676 109676-001
Solent Dista 111303 111303-001
AVX 105039 105039-001
Power Pulse Delivery Kit (5 per box) 104834 104834-0021

Reimbursement information

The C-Code used for the AngioJet Thrombectomy System is C1757. C-Codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers. Note: Boston Scientific Corporation is not responsible for correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice.

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