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ProTrack™ Pigtail Wire

Efficiently achieve and maintain left atrial access with the flexible spiral tip of the ProTrack Pigtail Wire. Support large sheath exchange and cushion against the left atrial wall.

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Instant anchor.
Secure access.™

Achieve and maintain left atrial access efficiently with a flexible spiral tip. 

ProTrack Pigtail Wire cushioned against the left atrial wall.

Why choose the ProTrack Pigtail Wire

The ProTrack Pigtail Wire advantage

With an atraumatic pigtail wire, you can save time,1 exchange effortlessly, and cushion gently against the left atrial wall.


Save time

Quicker introduction of devices into the left atrium (LA).1 Simply deploy the pigtail wire for instantly anchored access into the LA.

Varying sheath sizes, illustrating ProTrack Pigtail Wire's support of multiple sizes.

Exchange and support sheaths

The stiff stainless-steel body facilitates large sheath exchange and provides sheath stabilization.

ProTrack Pigtail Wire cushioned against the left atrial wall.

Flexible cushion

Cushion gently against the left atrial wall with a flexible, atraumatic tip.

Publication summaries

October 2019, Yap et al., published in Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions

This article described a technique for planning and performing MitraClip™ and WATCHMAN™ procedures in patients with an atrial septal occlusion (ASO) device.

June 2019, Reiss et al., published in International Journal of Cardiology

This study demonstrated the safety and acute effectiveness of ultra-low fluoroscopy use during cryoballoon ablation for atrial fibrillation.

October 2015, Buchner et al., published in Journal of Interventional Cardiology

This retrospective, single-center study compared two techniques for maintaining left atrial access while exchanging a 22F transseptal steerable guide catheter into the left atrium during MitraClip™ procedures. 

ProTrack Pigtail Wire


Body outer diameter0.025”
Overall length175 cm, 230 cm
Functional exchange length152 cm, 207 cm
Spring coil length13 cm
Spiral coil diameter4.1 cm
Shaft materialStainless steel
Coil materialStainless steel

Ordering information

Overall length

Product code

175 cm


230 cm


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1. Buchner S, et al. (2015). Simplified method for insertion of steerable guide into the left atrium using a pigtail guide wire during the MitraClip™ procedure: A technical tip. J Interv Cardiol. doi: 10.1111/joic.12224.