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SpyGlass™ Discover

Digital Catheter

The SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter is intended to provide direct visualization and to guide both optical and accessory devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications during endoscopic procedures in the pancreaticobiliary system including the hepatic ducts.



Product Details

white gloved hand holding Spyglass Digital Catheter
Ergonomic and lightweight. Provides four-way steering, allowing for navigation throughout the biliary system.
Spyglass Discover distal tip closeup image
Consists of imaging sensor, dual light sources, dual dedicated irrigation, 1.2mm working channel. Equipped for use in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Spyglass Discover controller device image
Designed to provide a reduced footprint in the OR. 

SpyGlass™ Discover Digital Catheter Compatible Devices

SpyGlass™ Discover Imager™ II IOC Catheter image
The SpyGlass Discover Imager II IOC Catheter has a braided, torqueable, catheter line for ease of insertion.
SpyGlass™ Discover Jagwire™ Guidewire image
The SpyGlass Discover Jagwire Guidewire has a 5cm hydrophilic tip to help a physician facilitate selective cannulation and negotiate the difficult biliary anatomy.
SpyGlass™ Discover Retrieval Basket image
The SpyGlass Discover Retrieval Basket is a 4-wire nitinol basket that is reliable, durable, grasps stones, and is built to maintain its shape through multiple cycles in the biliary anatomy.
Super Sheath CBDE for use with the SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter image
The Super Sheath CBDE for use with the SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter has smooth transitions to help physicians facilitate an easier entry. The silicone coated valve and smooth inner surface helps promote device passage.
spyglass discover balloon dilation image
SpyGlass Discover Balloon Dilation Catheter, used with Encore™ 26 Inflation Device, is available in multiple diameter sizes, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, allowing you additional options to dilate the cystic duct.


Specification Value
Direction of view 0 degrees (forward viewing)
Field of view 120 degrees in air
Distal tip width 10.5Fr (3.5mm)
Maximum insertion portion width 10.8Fr (3.6mm)
Working length 65cm
Minimum accessory channel width 1.2mm (3.6Fr)
Minimum angulation range 30 degrees with accessory device in working channel

Ordering Information

Order Number
Product Description Packaging  
M00546780 SpyGlass™ Discover Digital Catheter Box 1  
M00542950 SpyGlass™ Discover Controller Box 1  
M00543000  SpyGlass™ Discover Balloon Dilation Catheter Box 1 6.0mm x 40mm
M00543010   SpyGlass™ Discover Balloon Dilation Catheter Box 1 7.0mm x 40mm
M00543040  SpyGlass™ Discover Balloon Dilation Catheter Box 1 8.0mm x 40mm
M00566670   Encore™ 26 Inflation Device Each  
M00542981 SpyGlass™ Discover Imager™ II IOC Catheter Box 5  
M00542971 SpyGlass™ Discover Jagwire™ Guidewire Box 2  
M00542990 SpyGlass™ Discover Retrieval Basket Box 1  
M00542961 Super Sheath CBDE for use with the SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter Box 10  



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