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Single-Use Scopes

Help keep airways clear with EXALT™ Model B

Model B single-use bronchoscope delivers powerful suction for complex ICU procedures. Ergonomically designed for physicians and RTs.

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  • EXALT™ Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope

    The airway endoscopy standard of care has evolved with the introduction of Boston Scientific’s new EXALT Model B Single-Use Bronchoscope. The single-use bronchoscope was specifically designed and optimized for bedside procedures and features suction capabilities and the familiar feel found in reusable models – all combined with the peace-of-mind offered by a sterile single-use device.

    1. Pulmonology
    2. Critical Care
  • EXALT™ Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope
    Generation 3

    This always available duodenoscope eliminates the risk of patient-to-patient infection due to ineffective reprocessing — while also eliminating or reducing reprocessing costs — with an out of the box, consistent performance physicians expect in a duodenoscope.

    1. Gastroenterology
  • SpyGlass™ Discover Digital Catheter

    The SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter is intended to provide direct visualization and to guide both optical and accessory devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications during endoscopic procedures in the pancreaticobiliary system including the hepatic ducts.

    1. Gastrointestinal Surgery
    2. Gastroenterology
    3. Interventional Radiology
  • SpyGlass™ DS II Direct Visualization System Featuring Sight Shield Technology

    The SpyGlass DS II Direct Visualization System with Sight Shield Technology enables imaging of the biliary and pancreatic ducts during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) – and features a complete portfolio of tools that enable innovative diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to biliary stone and stricture management.

    1. Gastroenterology