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SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter and Compatible Devices Model Demonstration 

Your single-use solution for minimally invasive surgical intervention in the pancreaticobiliary system designed to deliver consistent predictable performance and eliminate reprocessing and repairs.

Watch as we break down the stages of a transcystic common bile duct exploration.


Dr. Brian Dunkin
Chief Medical Officer, Boston Scientific Endoscopy

Model Demonstration Using the SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter

Watch Dr. Brian Dunkin as he demonstrates his procedure for completing a transcystic common bile duct exploration using the SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter.

Image of jagwire being fed into Spyglass handle held by white-gloved physician

Features and Benefits

The SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter is intended to provide direct visualization and to guide both optical and accessory devices for diagnostic and therapeutic applications during endoscopic procedures in the pancreaticobiliary system including the hepatic ducts.

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Learn more about SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter and lower common bile duct exploration.

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SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter Compatible Devices

See the full portfolio of devices to aid in stone removal during LCBDE.

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Clinical Performance 

Examine case studies from experts on bile duct health as they share with you their favorite techniques when performing lower common bile duct exploration.

Image of Spyglass distal tip in four different positions

Technique Animation 

Examine an animation of a lower common bile duct exploration with SpyGlass Discover Digital Catheter's unique 4-way steering.


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