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GreenLight XPS™

Laser Therapy System

The Question of Cost: Economic benefits of GreenLight™ Laser Therapy

Total cost graphic showing factors: device, capital, complication, hospital, and procedure costs

The cost considerations of a procedure like GreenLight therapy go beyond an equipment investment; they include procedure costs, capital costs and most importantly the potentially unexpected costs of post-procedure complications and lengthy hospital stays.

Key Resources

In the case of GreenLight Laser Therapy, the most significant cost consideration should NOT be the device. It should be the fact that with its proven clinical benefits —decreased recovery time, shorter hospital stays and fewer serious adverse events—it may lead to overall lower hospital costs.1

Case Study 1

A non-randomized study conducted in Ontario, Canada
in 2013 that compared the clinical-effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and budget impact of GreenLight Laser Therapy versus transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP).2

Key Takeaway:

If the province of Ontario had used GreenLight therapy instead of TURP between fiscal years 2008/2009 and 2012/2013 (assuming 12,335 procedures in a 5 year time period), it could have seen a cost savings of over $14 million dollars. In addition, if performed on an outpatient basis, GreenLight Laser Therapy could have freed up over 28,000 days of inpatient care.

Case Study 2

A multi-center, retrospective study conducted in Spain in 2013 that analyzed the costs of GreenLight Laser Therapy versus TURP.3

 Key Takeaway:

While the pre-surgical and surgical costs of the GreenLight procedure were shown to be higher than those related to TURP, its significantly lower post-surgical costs outweighed the initial investment and surgical cost per patient, ultimately resulting in GreenLight therapy being less expensive overall.

Bottom Line Top of Mind?

Our business model economic impact calculator helps you determine potential hospital costs and savings by switching your case mix of GreenLight therapy vs. TURP.4

Bar Chart:  Total Cost Savings Scenario Bar Chart:  Total Cost Savings Scenario Bar Chart:  Total Cost Savings Scenario Bar Chart:  Total Cost Savings Scenario Bar Chart:  Total Cost Savings Scenario

Percentage of GreenLight ™ Usage

If your facility’s administration is questioning the cost of the GreenLight technology, contact your local sales representative to schedule a review of the business impact model using data specific to your institution.

Additional Economic Benefits

  1. Less costly hospital stays and reduced patient readmissions due to fewer post-surgical complications and re-interventions.1,5
  2. Can be performed as an outpatient procedure, which enhances hospital efficiencies.
  3. Helps keep care local, increasing your market share in the treatment of BPH. 
  4. May lead to perceptions of innovation, potentially increasing the likelihood of patients returning to your facility for other healthcare needs.