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Laser Fibers & Accessories

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  • AccuMax™ Single-Use Holmium Laser Fiber

    Single-use fibers designed to efficiently deliver focused holmium energy and offer the necessary flexibility to meet the challenging deflection needs of flexible ureteroscopy.

    1. Urology
  • AccuTrac™ and Flexiva™ TracTip™ Single-Use Holmium Laser Fibers

    Protect Your Scope.
    Designed to pass through a fully deflected scope without damage to the scope liner or optics.

    1. Urology
  • CO2 Laser Accessories for Gynecology

    The CO2 product line offers different modalities and surgical tools for numerous gynecology indications, including endometriosis, myomectomy, adhesiolysis and ovarian cystectomy. Surgeons have the versatility to choose the suitable technology and delivery mode: fiber or free-beam, per their preferences, patient anatomy and required treatment.

    1. Gynecology
  • CO2 Lasers Free-beam Accessories Accessories for Head and Neck

    The CO2 laser accessories for Head and Neck are designed for incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue in the ear, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and upper trachea. The CO2 laser parameters and delivery modes are designed to be adjusted to allow precision and simultaneous microvascular hemostasis.

    1. Otolaryngology
  • Flexiva™ High Power Single-Use Laser Fiber

    Flexiva Fibers offer technology designed to handle high power requirements while maintaining a high degree of flexibility and durability.

    1. Urology
  • Holmium Laser Accessories

    A full line of accessories designed for holmium lasers and SlimLine™ Reusable Laser Fibers.

    1. Urology
  • MoXy™ Liquid-Cooled Fiber

    Designed to be used with the GreenLight XPS™ Laser System, the MoXy™ Liquid-Cooled Fiber provides fast and efficient tissue vaporization.

    1. Urology
  • Reusable and Single-Use Fibers for Holmium Lasers

    Reusable and single-use fibers for holmium lasers are designed with a custom optical fit for reliability and fiber performance.

    1. Urology
  • Reusable and Single-Use Fibers for CO2 Lasers

    The CO2 laser fibers are designed to be used for a wide variety of specialties including otolaryngology, head & neck, otology and gynecology.

    1. Otolaryngology
    2. Gynecology