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CO2 Lasers Free-beam Accessories

Accessories for Head and Neck

Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator
Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator

The CO2 laser accessories for Head and Neck are designed for incision, excision, vaporization and ablation of soft tissue in the ear, nasal cavity, oral cavity, pharynx, larynx and upper trachea. The CO2 laser parameters and delivery modes are designed to be adjusted to allow precision and simultaneous microvascular hemostasis.

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Micromanipulators Coupled to Surgical Microscopes 
For CO2 laser microsurgery, free-beam surgical CO2 lasers are used with micromanipulators coupled to surgical microscopes. 
The micromanipulator has a gimbaled mirror, situated in the view path of the surgeon, to direct the laser beams onto the tissue site. The surgeon manipulates a joystick to tilt the mirror and direct the laser beam precisely onto the desired target tissue. 
To accommodate the physical dimensions of various microscopes, there are a few models of the AcuSpot™ Micromanipulator. Each is compatible with different microscope models (e.g., Zeiss and Leica microscopes). 
Digital AcuBlade™ Scanning Micromanipulator 
The Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator with SurgiTouch™ Scanner is designed to deliver laser energy for cutting, vaporization and ablation in pre-defined shape, size and depth. While lasing, the surgeon uses the joystick to direct the scan pattern onto the tissue target.