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Multi-Modality Guidance System

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AVVIGO Guidance System II
AVVIGO™ Guidance System II
Now Available, AVVIGO+ Multi-Modality Guidance System.
AVVIGO Mobile Cart. Always ready for your patient with the flexibility to move across cath labs.
An easy to use touch screen tablet that can be undocked when required.
AVVIGO+ tablet & Tableside Control are mirror images and either one can be used to operate the system.


Looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use system to perform intravascular imaging and physiology procedures?

AVVIGO+ Multi-Modality Guidance System is a leap forward in PCI Guidance Technology.

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Product Overview

AVVIGO™+ Multi-Modality Guidance System is a streamlined platform that enhances your intravascular imaging and physiology experience. It integrates best-in-class PCI guidance tools into one easy-to-use system, so users across the cath lab can perform faster, more efficient procedures.

AVVIGO+ Mobile Cart

  • Tablet & Docking station: 13.3” LED-backlight screen with capacitive touch
  • LCD monitor display - 21" screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Flexibility to move the system across cathlabs.

AVVIGO+ Integrated System

  • Seamless integration into any cathlab system
  • 15" touchscreen tableside control to operate the system in sterile field
  • Flexible option to choose a floor mount vs boom mount PC configuration

Key Features

Automated Lesion Assessment (ALA™)

Precise Vessel Measurements

Leverage the power of machine learning to automatically deliver key measurements, diameters, and borders, ensuring you have the insights needed to quickly and confidently perform procedures.

  • Accurate lumen and vessel borders
  • Vessel profile
  • Distal, proximal, and minimum key frame markers

Fast Pullback

High quality images at the pullback speed you want

  • Automatic pullback now includes faster speeds up to 8 mm/s allowing for quick vessel imaging


Enhanced DFR guidance

  • Optimize your treatment decisions by quickly locating regions of pressure change during a pullback

Tableside Control

Complete control from the sterile field

  • Operate IVUS and capture physiological measurements on your integrated system without leaving the sterile field

IVUS and Physiology with AVVIGO+

IVUS Imaging

  • Superior HD IVUS image quality enables users to clearly see disease
  • Flexible catheter in 2 sizes (5F and 6F) to assist in more PCI procedures
  • Use during procedure planning, stent placement, and post- procedure

Physiology / FFR

  • A reliable and highly deliverable physiology wire that can help to determine whether to treat
  • Suite of physiologic index: FFR (Hyperemic) & DFR (Non-Hyperemic)
  • Optimal workhorse performance to diagnose and treat
  • FFR Link: Reduce capital footprint and integrate into existing hemodynamic system to transmit FFR result directly into patient record. Compatible with all hemodynamic systems*

Ordering Information

Ref/Catalog NumberDescription
H749 2493120C 0AVVIGO + Mob System, US
H749 2493120I 0AVVIGO + Integrated System, US
H749 3935911 0COMET II Pressure Guidewire
H749 3935205 0
H749 3935409 0
H749 393280018 0 OPTICROSS 18 Imaging Catheter
H749 393280035 0OPTICROSS 35 Imaging Catheter
M004 9912 0ULTRA ICE™ PLUS Imaging Catheter
H749 MDU5PLUSF 0MDU - Fast pullback
H749 555100 0FFR Link
H749 39316010 0Permanent Sled
H749 39315010 0Permanent Sled Bag


The C-code for the COMET II Pressure Guidewire is C1769. The C-code used for the OPTICROSS HD and OPTICROSS 6 HD 60 MHz Imaging Catheters is C1753. C-codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers.

For additional coding and reimbursement information, go to the Boston Scientific reimbursement site ( or contact your local Interventional Cardiology Health territory manager or the Interventional Cardiology Reimbursement Help Desk at

Service Programs

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