ORISE™ Tissue Retractor System

ORISE™ Tissue Retractor System
ORISE™ Tissue Retractor System with grasper
ORISE™ Tissue Retractor System cage
The system is comprised of the ORISE Tissue Retractor and the ORISE Instrument Guides and is compatible with Rescue™ Grasping Forceps (not included as part of the system).
Designed to stabilize intraluminal space, visualize the dissection plane, enable tissue manipulation, provide tissue retraction and counter-traction.

The ORISE Tissue Retractor System is a medical device that provides and facilitates tissue retraction.

Product Details

Designed to:

  • Stabilize intraluminal space
  • Help visualize the dissection plane
  • Enable tissue manipulation
  • Provide tissue retraction and counter-traction
  • Allow independent movement of scope and tissue graspers

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Ordering Information

ORISE Tissue Retractor              
Order Number Anatomy Reference Diameter (mm) Cape Length (cm) Working Length (cm) # of Channels Scope Compatibility (mm)
M00519510 Left Colon OTR-60 26 8 60 3 <11.7mm outer diameter
ORISE Instrument Guides            
Order Number Anatomy Reference Working Length (cm) Tip Angles (degrees) Tip Color Instrument Compatibility (mm)
M00519520 Left Colon OIG-90B 81 90 Blue 2.8
M00519530 Left Colon OIG-90G 81 90 Gray 2.8
M00519540 Left Colon OIG-60B 81 60 Blue 2.8
M00519550 Left Colon OIG-45B 81 45 Blue 2.8
Rescue Retrieval Devices          
Order Number Description Jaw Opening (mm) Sheath O.D. Working Length (cm) Packaging
DGC-383-5 Rescue Rat Tooth/Alligator Grasping Forceps 8 2.4 230 Box 5
DGR-277-5 Rescue Rat Tooth Grasping Forceps (Pediatric) 4.5 1.8 180 Box 5