Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System
Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System
Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Coil Deployment
Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System
Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Interlocking Arms
Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Coil Deployment

The Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System is designed to offer precision and control, in combination with thrombogenicity and flexibility. Compatible with 0.021" lumen microcatheters, the 0.018" fibered microcoil system is beneficial especially in complex and distal peripheral vasculature, and is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The interlocking arms allow the coil to be advanced and retracted before final placement, for security in embolization procedures.

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The 2D Helical shape is designed to provide optimal anchorability, as the helical shape allows the coil to be in constant, consistent contact with the wall of straight or tapered vessel.
The Diamond shape is designed to maximize occlusive power by tapering the distal and proximal ends of the coil, maximizing cross-sectional flow disruption.

Coil Delivery

Interlock-18 coils feature a clear and visible detachment zone, with the ability to retract and reposition the coil before final placement. A radiopaque marker is included 3cm proximal to the interlocking arms, for additional visualization benefit.

Single Marker Microcatheter

Single Marker Microcatheter

Double Marker Microcatheter

Double Marker Microcatheter
Coil Delivery 1
The Direxion microcatheter is available with two visible radiopaque markers 30 mm distance apart, for visualization aid when the catheter tip is buried into a coil nest.
Coil Delivery 2
Interlock and IDC detachable coils have a radiopaque marker band on the delivery wire 30mm proximal to the interlocking arms. 
Coil Delivery 3
As the coil is advanced, watch as the proximal coil marker approaches the proximal microcatheter marker. Proximal to this point, the coil can still be retracted and repositioned.
Coil Delivery 4
When the proximal coil marker passes the proximal microcatheter marker, the coil has been deployed into the vessel.

Fibered for Thrombogenicity Power

Fibered for Thrombogenicity Power
Interlock's dense network of fibers
  • Every coil contains multiple dense networks of synthetic fibers, each designed to catch blood cells and propagate the formation of thrombus.

  • A close-up image of synthetic fibers (left) shows that the structure of the fiber strands are robust, yet porous, allowing for rapid thrombosis.

Interlock-18 Fibered Coils Perform Faster*

*Bench Test results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance

Interlock-18 and Covidien Concerto Bench Test

Boston Scientific Interlock-18 Coil
Dacron™ Fiber
Covidien Concerto
Covidien Concerto™ Detachable Coil System
Nylon or PGLA Fiber

In an independent head-to-head bench-top thrombogenicity evaluation of same-sized (diameter and length) peripheral embolization coils between brands:

  • Interlock-18 coils reached an occlusion test endpoint nearly 3 times faster than equivalent-size Covidien Concerto coils

Interlock-18 and Penumbra Ruby Bench Test

Boston Scientific Interlock-18 Coil
Dacron™ Fiber
Penumbra Ruby
Penumbra Ruby™ Coil
  • Interlock-18 coils reached the occlusion endpoint faster than Penumbra Ruby coils; Ruby coils took over 50% longer to reach the same endpoint, using equivalent size, one-to-one coils

Catheter Compatibility

The Interlock-18 Fibered IDC Occlusion System is designed to be delivered  through a  0.021" inner lumen microcatheter [0.53 mm], such as the Direxion small-lumen microcatheter.

Case Study

Coiling 6-cm Internal Iliac Artery Aneurysm

Case performed by Saam Tabar, MD, Interventional Radiologist at Veterans Affairs Hospital, Washington, DC.

A 63-year-old male patient presented with a large, 6-cm traumatic aneurysmal arteriovenous fistula of the left internal iliac artery.

Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

Ordering Information

Standard Length 2D Configurations

UPN Description Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Shape
M001361480 Interlock - 18 Coil 2 4 2D
M001361490 Interlock - 18 Coil 2 6 2D
M001361500 Interlock - 18 Coil 3 6 2D
M001361510 Interlock - 18 Coil 3 12 2D
M001361520 Interlock - 18 Coil 4 8 2D
M001361530 Interlock - 18 Coil 4 15 2D
M001361540 Interlock - 18 Coil 5 8 2D
M001361550 Interlock - 18 Coil 5 15 2D
M001361560 Interlock - 18 Coil 6 10 2D
M001361570 Interlock - 18 Coil 6 20 2D
M001361580 Interlock - 18 Coil 8 20 2D
M001361590 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 20 2D
M001361600 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 30 2D
M001361610 Interlock - 18 Coil 12 20 2D
M001361620 Interlock - 18 Coil 12 30 2D
M001361630 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 20 2D
M001361640 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 30 2D

Long Length 2D Configurations

UPN Description Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Shape
M001361920 Interlock - 18 Coil 10 50 2D
M001361930 Interlock - 18 Coil 14 50 2D
M001361940 Interlock - 18 Coil 18 50 2D
M001361950 Interlock - 18 Coil 20 50 2D
M001361960 Interlock - 18 Coil 22 60 2D

Diamond Configurations

UPN Description Diameter (mm) Length (cm) Shape
M001361740 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/3 2.3 Diamond
M001361750 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/4 4.1 Diamond
M001361760 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/5 5.8 Diamond
M001361770 Interlock - 18 Coil 2/6 8 Diamond

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