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Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) System

Featuring the CROSSBOSS™ Catheter & STINGRAY™ LP System

The Hybrid Approach to Treating CTOs

Treat Even the Most Complex Lesions Safely, with Maximum Efficiency and Success

The Algorithm Emphasizes:

  • Procedural efficiency and minimizing the amount of radiation and contrast
  • Quick transition to alternate plans when failure mode occurs; always make progress — don’t let the case stall
New techniques and technologies, including the CROSSBOSS and STINGRAY LP Coronary Crossing and Re-Entry Devices.

Three Basic Techniques
Hybrid CTO Three Basic Techniques

High Technical Success/Reduced Procedure Time
>90% CTO Crossing Success
In 193 patients, CTO crossing success was > 90% with the hybrid approach.4
83 Minutes - Average Procedure Time
The hybrid approach has demonstrated lower procedure times compared to other CTO techniques.4

Putting it All Together

Four Angiographic Characteristics Dictate Strategy:
  1. Proximal cap clear or ambiguous by angio +/- IVUS
  2. Quality of distal target
  3. Lesion length < or ≥ 20 mm
  4. Suitability of “interventional” collaterals

Hybrid Algorithm for CTO PCI2
Hybrid Algorithm for CTO PCI

Master the Complex - For Complete Revascularization