Visual ICE™

Cryoablation System


Product Description

The Visual-ICE Cryoablation System is intended for the cryoablative destruction of tissue during minimally invasive percutaneous procedures.

  • Advanced technology drives innovative capabilities
  • Creation of optimal ablation zones
  • Progressive cryoablation platform simplifies procedures
  • Independent 20 needle system with 4 Multi-Point Thermal Sensor™ ports


Product Specifications and Sizes

Cryoablation Needles (compatible with Visual-ICE)
Visual ICE™ Cryoablation Needle Portfolio

Used with CT systems, image-guided cryoablation needles enable cryoablation visualization for optimal tumor coverage and improved CT artifact. CX needles also have helium-free thaw options, and a cautery function which allows for track ablation to be performed, creating a uniform zone of coagulative necrosis.

Cryoablation needles are connected to our cryoablation systems via thin, flexible gas tubing. Typically, multiple needles are used to surround the targeted tissue. Argon gas flows through the system into the needle(s) to create extremely cold temperatures at the needle tip(s). During the procedure ice forms around the needle tip(s), encompassing and destroying the targeted tissue.

  • Straight or angled 90° needle configurations in a choice of lengths and diameters
  • Three-facet sharp needle tip of easy percutaneous insertion and control 
  • Accurate shaft distance markers to optimize needle placement
  • Lightweight handles to minimize torque on inserted needles, with color-coding for ease of identification
  • Unibody closed-tube design which minimizes risk of gas leakage*

* vs welded tip designs

Needles Compatible with Visual ICE

  • IceRod™ 1.5
  • IceRod™ i-Thaw
  • IceRod™ 1.5 PLUS
  • IceRod™ 1.5 CX
  • IceSeed™ 1.5
  • IceSphere™ 1.5
  • IceSphere™ 1.5 S
  • IceSphere™ 1.5 CX
  • IceFORCE™ 2.1 CX
  • IceFORCE™ 2.1 CX L
  • IcePearl™ 2.1 CX
  • IcePearl™ 2.1 CX L
  • IceEDGE™ 2.4