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Cryoablation System

Visual ICE™ System
Visual ICE™ System.

The Visual ICE Cryoablation System is intended for the cryoablative destruction of tissue during minimally invasive percutaneous procedures.

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Product Description

Learn how cryoablation is used to target and destroy tumor cells. 

The Visual ICE™ Cryoablation System provides superior freezing performance, an intuitive user interface and innovative platform that incorporates helium-free options for thawing and cautery for track ablation.

Continuous and Unrivaled Innovation for Flexibility

  • Large touch-screen monitor
  • Ten separate system channels, twenty needle ports provide opportunity to treat large tumors and conduct multiple simultaneous treatments
  • Four multi-point thermal sensors for sensing location and temperature for procedural performance
  • Enlarged, positional timers allow procedural status monitoring from a distance
  • Argon and/or Helium gas can be used depending on cryoablation needles

Intuitive User Interface

  • Consistent gas flow rates maintained to active needles, producing the strongest possible ice
  • Software controls optimize performance for simultaneous activation of multiple needles
  • Design features facilitate easy set-up and on-screen icons lead procedural actions
  • Software functions can be customized based on procedure and need for advanced functions

Ordering information

Catalog NumberCryoablation System
FPRCH6000-02Visual ICE™ Cryoablation System