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Cryoablation System

Visual ICE™ MRI System
Visual ICE™ MRI System

Specialized for the magnet room, the Visual ICE MRI Cryoablation System is the only ablation system that leverages the unique advantages of cryoablation zone visibility with the exquisite image resolution of MR.

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Product Description

The Visual ICE MRI offers a safe and efficient cryoablation procedure1-4 facilitating precise and effective treatment1,5-7 without the need for surgery or repeated radiation treatments8-10

  • The Mobile Connection Panel (MCP) is placed within the MR room, allowing for easy access to both the patient and the needles during a procedure
  • Sixteen needles may be simultaneously connected, allowing a range of cryoablation procedures
Custom Designed for Each MRI Environment
  • Each system design accommodates customer and site requirements
  • Integrated into MR rooms with minimal installation and minimal downtime
Consolidated Lines Facilitate Connections
  • The Junction Box Harness organizes gas, fiber optic, and electrical lines into a single cable
  • Connectors are easily aligned and securely clicked into place
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MRI Cryoablation Needles

Used with the Visual ICE MRI Cryoablation System, our MRI needles leverage the unique advantages of cryoablation zone visibility with the exquisite image resolution of MR.
Classic MRI Needles - IceRod™ MRI and IceSeed™ MRI

Classic MRI Needles: IceRod™ MRI and IceSeed™ MRI

  • Straight or angled 90° needle configurations in a choice of lengths and diameters
  • Three-facet sharp needle tip of easy percutaneous insertion and control
  • Accurate shaft distance markers to optimize needle placement
  • Lightweight handles to minimize torque on inserted needles, with color-coding for ease of identification
  • Unibody closed-tube design which minimizes risk of gas leakage vs welded tip designs


Classic MRI Needle Details

Needle  Order Reference Shaft Length (cm) Gauge (G)
1.5 Family      
IceSeed™ MRI 1.5 straight FPRPR3192 17.5 17
IceSeed™ MRI 1.5 90° FPRPR3194 17.5 17
IceRod™ MRI 1.5  straight FPRPR3193 17.5 17
IceRod™ MRI 1.5 90° FPRPR3195 17.5 17