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Cryoablation System

ICEFX console and cart
ICEFX console and cart

The ICEfx Cryoablation System is the next generation of ablation systems with a compact design and interface that offers predictable, reliable cryoablation performance and seamless therapy delivery with the exceptional ease of technical operation.

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Product Details

Learn how cryoablation is used to target and destroy tumor cells. 

Precise Command

  • Four independent channels supporting up to eight of the most advanced cryoablation needles
  • Two multi-point thermal sensors for sensing location and temperature for procedural performance
  • Allows for helium-free thawing and track ablation options 

Intuitive User Interface 

  • Icons and system wizards guide procedural actions
  • Setup and end case wizards assist users to prepare and complete a procedure
  • Automatic needle recognition enables advanced functionality designed to optimize needle performance
  • Large timers allow freezing and thawing time to easily be seen from the control room
  • Sequence programming streamlines operation for commonly used protocols 

Compact System Design

  • Small design allows for mobilization, ease of use and flexibility during treatment 
  • Mobile cart offers storage for an accessory bag or four needle boxes 

Ordering information

Catalog NumberICEfx™ Cryoablation System and Accessories 
FPRCH8000-02ICEfx System, Console only 
FPRCH8010-02ICEfx Cart 
FPRCH4000-02Dual Tank Cylinder Gas Adapter, 5M PSI