Temperature Ablation Catheter

True Ablation Feedback

The INTELLATIP MIFI™ catheter technology provides more precise ablation EGM information and lesion maturation feedback in thin tissue.

Lesion Maturation Feedback

  • EGM amplitude reduction, post ablation, was greater when measured with 
    mini-electrodes compared to conventional 8 mm tip1
  • EGM amplitude reduction on the mini-electrodes, post ablation, was correlated to transmurality1
Lesion Maturation Feedback graph

Lesion Maturation Feedback

A significant percentage decrease of P2P voltage was demonstrated at M1-2, M2-3 and M3-1 recording when compared with that of 8 mm tip voltage after 4 sec and 2 sec of energy application at 50° and 70° respectively.2

EGM Attenuation

Mini-electrodes demonstrate significant amplitude reduction and signal clarity post ablation as compared to unipolar and bipolar signals.3
IntellaTip MiFi EGM Attenuation images