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ICM System

Intuitive ICM Implant Procedure

The LUX-Dx ICM comes pre-loaded in its own reloadable, single-piece insertion tool and uses a familiar implant procedure to help enhance procedural efficiencies.
implant procedure

Implant Procedure Video

To view the LUX-Dx ICM implant animation, click the play button

LUX-Dx ICM Implant Process

Make Incision
Make a small incision with the included incision tool.

Insert tunneling portion of the insertion tool.

Rotate 180°
Rotate the insertion tool 180° to create a pocket for the device.

Pull Plunger
Pull the plunger back until the blue line is visible.

Push the plunger to insert the device into the incision.

Pinch the incision site to hold the device in place while removing the insertion tool.

Verify R-Wave Sensing
Prior to closing the incision, verify R-wave sensing using the myLUX™ Patient App or the LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant App.

Close Incision
Use standard surgical techniques to achieve good tissue contact with the device.

Enroll Patient & Set Up Patient App
Enroll the patient in the LATITUDE Clarity™ Data Management System and set up the myLUX™ Patient app to activate the patient’s ICM device.


LUX-Dx ICM Cutting Tool

Cutting Tool

The LUX-Dx ICM cutting tool features a steel blade width of 1 cm for small pocket size and is so sharp that it requires a cover.

LUX-Dx ICM Insertion Tool

Insertion Tool

The LUX-Dx ICM device comes preloaded in the insertion tool, which offers a sturdy all-in-one design, pocket-forming tip and easy device reload process.


Icon of the LUX-Dx ICM Device

Product Overview

Get product specs and learn about the key features of the LUX-Dx ICM, including a dual-stage algorithm and remote programming.

Icon of Heart Rhythm Representing the LATITUDE Clarity Data Management System

Data Management

Accelerate critical decision making and enhance workflow with the new LATITUDE™ Clarity Data Management System for ICM patients.

Icon of a Smart Phone Showing a Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Help empower patients, improve compliance and increase efficiencies with the LUX-Dx™ Clinic Assistant app and myLUX™ Patient app.