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Dr. Thomas Shimshak perspective: consider using IVUS as a means of understanding the benefit of atherectomy
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Hear expert perspectives on how lesion morphology influences atherectomy device selection.
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Jetstream eXpandable Cutter and Single Cutter catheters
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Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action animation
Dr. Thomas Shimshak shares his perspective on why physicians should consider using IVUS as a means of understanding the benefit of atherectomy.
Hear expert perspectives on how lesion morphology influences atherectomy device selection.
Hear a roundtable discussion by leading endovascular specialists highlighting their experiences with atherectomy Vessel Prep.
Jetstream Atherectomy Mechanism of Action

Jetstream is engineered to predictably treat multiple morphologies, such as calcium, plaque or thrombus, commonly found in total occlusions. As the only atherectomy system with active aspiration, Jetstream removes debris, helping minimize the risk of distal embolization.

Key Resources


Jetstream Atherectomy System Calcium Study

CLI Case Studies


CLI Case Study 1:
Complex Revascularization of Critical Limb Ischemia Patient Using Rotational Atherectomy

Dr. Jihad Mustapha demonstrates treatment of a 220 mm CTO in patient with history of CLI, utilizing antegrade and retrograde dual access with rotational atherectomy. 

CLI Case Study 2:
SFA Total Occlusion in Patient with Non-Healing Ulcer

Dr. Fadi Saab demonstrates atherectomy of a CLI patient presenting with a long SFA chronic total occlusion in the left leg, which reconstituted at the proximal popliteal.1

CLI Case Study 3:
Thrombotic Lesion in Popliteal Artery and Tibial Vessels

Dr. Fadi Saab demonstrates atherectomy of a CLI patient presenting with rest pain in right lower extremity. Atherectomy with aspiration was used to remove thrombus in the Popliteal Artery and Tibial vessels, utilizing alterative access techniques. 30-day arterial duplex showed normalization of patient's ABI and triphasic blood flow through SFA/Popliteal and PT arteries.
Results from case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.

Product Detail

The Jetstream Atherectomy System features:

  • Active Aspiration: extracts debris without device removal, minimizing embolization risk.
  • Debulking: to treat multiple lesion morphologies, including calcium, plaque or thrombus. 
  • Luminal Gain: As reported in the Calcium Study, Jetstream's front-cutting, expandable blades created statistically significant luminal gain in severe and moderate calcium (post versus baseline IVUS measurements)2.
  • Front-cutting: to immediately engage tight or occluded lesions.
The system is an innovative peripheral revascularization platform designed to restore flow through the many types of lesion morphologies encountered in peripheral arterial disease (PAD). System consists of a single-use catheter with control pod and a reusable, compact console power source that mounts to a standard I.V. stand
JETSTREAM Atherectomy System

Ordering Information

Product Description UPN/Order Code Catalog Number GTIN Unit Qty
Jetstream Console 50599-001 PVCN100 08714729890430 Each 1
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.85 mm 112262-001 PV3118F 08714729889861 Each 1
Jetstream SC Atherectomy Catheter 1.6 mm 112260-001 PV3116F 08714789889830 Each 1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.4 mm / 3.4 mm  112266-001 PV41340 08714729889922 Each 1
Jetstream XC Atherectomy Catheter 2.1 mm / 3.0 mm  112264-001 PV31300 08714729889892 Each 1
Jetstream Jetwire 11525-001 PV014300 08714729888772 Box 5


The C-Code used for the Jetstream Atherectomy System is C1724. C-Codes are used for hospital outpatient device reporting for Medicare and some private payers.

Note: Boston Scientific Corporation is not responsible for correct use of codes on submitted claims; this information does not constitute reimbursement or legal advice.

Boston Scientific Reimbursement
Hotline: 1.800.CARDIAC (227.3422)

JETSTREAM case study 3

Medicare National Average Hospital Outpatient Reimbursement


CPT® Abbreviated Description APC CY2018 Reimbursement
37224  PTA or DCB 5192 $5,085
37225  Atherectomy w/ PTA or DCB 5193 $10,510
37226  Stent w/ PTA or DCB 5193 $10,510
37227  Atherectomy + Stent w/ PTA or DCB 5194 $16,019

Effective January 1, 2018, CMS discontinued incremental reimbursement, transitional pass-through payment, for Drug Coated Balloons. The reimbursement levels shown above are applicable for hospital outpatient cases involving the use of DCB or non-DCB angioplasty devices.  

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Device and procedure decisions depend on medical necessity and the physician's professional judgment. Device costs may vary, and other variable costs may impact economics.


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