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Transseptal Delivery System

TSX™ Transseptal Delivery System: Designed to enhance tactile and visual feedback.

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TSX™ Transseptal Delivery System
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TSX Fixed Sheath

The TSX Transseptal Delivery System with the TSX Fixed Sheath and TSX Transseptal Needle designed to facilitate tissue crossing with excellent torque, an atraumatic tip and radiopacity for better visualization.

  • Braided steel core imparts excellent torqueability
  • Dual distal holes
  • Radiopaque sheath and dilator enable in situ visualization
  • Snap-fit dilator locks in place
  • Soft, atraumatic tip
  • Tapered dilator and tip geometry to facilitate tissue crossing
  • Lubricious coating inside and out
  • Embedded platinum marker

Schematic showing key elements of the TSX transseptal delivery system Schematic showing key elements of the TSX transseptal delivery system

Model Number Inner Diameter (F) Length (cm) Curve (Degree)
M004 TSXFS100  8.5 60 15
M004 TSXFS200  8.5 60 30
M004 TSXFS300  8.5 60 55
M004 TSXFS400  8.5 60 120 Small Curve
M004 TSXFS500  8.5 60 120 Large Curve
M004 TSXFS600  8.5 60 150
M004 TSXFS700  8.5 79.4 15
M004 TSXFS800  8.5 79.4 55
M004 TSXFS900  8.5 79.4 90
M004 TSXFS1100  8.5 79.4 120 Large Curve
M004 TSXFS1200  8.5 101.4 55

TSX Transseptal Needle

TSX Transseptal Needle TSX Transseptal Needle

The TSX Transseptal Needle combines advances in materials along with an ergonomic design engineered to enhance tactile and visual feedback during the transseptal puncture.

Transparent Handle

  • To allow direct visualization of bubbles before they travel distally

Ergonomic Handle

  • Excellent handling characteristics

Model Number  Gauge Length (cm) Curve (Degree)
M004 TSX100  18  71 50
M004 TSX200  18  71 86
M004 TSX300  18 89 50
M004 TSX400  18 89 86
M004 TSX500  18 98 50
M004 TSX600  18 98 86


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