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Your CRT-D or CRT-P device will help your heart beat more efficiently so you can enjoy an active life, including work, hobbies, sexual activity and travel. However, you may need to take a few precautions after your procedure. Find out more about living with a CRT device below.

Daily Activities

See how you can get back to your daily activities after a CRT procedure, including exercising, driving, and sexual intimacy.

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Using Household Appliances and Tools

Get guidelines for using household appliances safely with a CRT-P or CRT-D and learn about electromagnetic interference (EMI).

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Traveling with a CRT Device

Find tips for traveling with a CRT device, including going through airport security, ordering a Medical Device ID Card, finding a doctor, and more.

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Medical and Dental Procedures

Learn about medical and dental procedures that may affect your CRT device so you and your doctor can take necessary precautions.

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Healthy Living

Discover ways to lead a heart-healthy lifestyle - from staying active to eating right to quitting smoking.

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LATITUDE™ Home Monitoring

Find out how to set up and use LATITUDE, a home monitoring system that helps your doctor monitor your device and heart condition.

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CRT-P and CRT-D Models

Download more information about your specific CRT-P or CRT-D model, including device size and longevity.

CRT-P Device Models


U125, U128

CRT-D Device Models


N140, N141




Resources and Support


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