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Medical professional wearing surgical cap and tying surgical mask.

Products and technologies


Advance your practice with Boston Scientific products and technologies for your ASC/OBL

Connect to a full line of vascular and cardiology products, with direct access to Boston Scientific medical device technologies. Our comprehensive suite of trusted products makes it easier for you to get more of what you need from a single vendor.

Boston Scientific Jetstream Atherectomy System.

Atherectomy systems

Boston Scientific Opticross Peripheral Imaging Catheter.


Boston Scientific Ranger Balloon Catheter and Eluvia Vascular Stent System.

Drug-eluting therapies

Boston Scientific Varithena injectable foam.

Vein ablation

Boston Scientific Innova Self-Expanding Stent System.

Vascular stents

Boston Scientific Coyote Balloon Dilation Catheter.


Boston Scientific thrombectomy devices.

Thrombectomy systems

Boston Scientific Magic Torque Guidewire.

Guidewires and vascular access

Boston Scientific Synergy XD coronary stent.

Coronary stents

Boston Scientific NC Emerge PTCA Dilatation Catheter Balloon.


Boston Scientific Convey Guiding Catheter.

Diagnostic & guide catheters

Boston Scientific Watchdog Hemostasis Valve.



Boston Scientific Opticross Peripheral Imaging Catheter and Comet II Pressure Guidewire.


Boston Scientific Rotapro Rotational Atherectomy System.

Rotational atherectomy

Boston Scientific Guidezilla II Guide Extension Catheters.

Specialty devices

Inventory management and device support

Powerful tools and resources to make your practice more efficient and more productive.

Lab Agent™ inventory management

Lab Agent™ simplifies inventory management by allowing any user to quickly scan Boston Scientific product barcodes with a handheld device. It’s available at no cost to your lab, plus all orders ship free. 

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