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EKOSs catheter ultrasonic pulses with blue glow

EKOS™ Endovascular System

EKOS+ catheter

Same procedure, now 50% more powerful¹

Tailor-made for treating pulmonary embolism, EKOS+ provides more ultrasound power to resolve clot burden more quickly and completely without any required changes to lytic dose, treatment duration, or current clinical practice.

See how EKOS+ works

Product highlights

  • An upsized, highly-deliverable 7.8F French catheter
  • Same familiar workflow as the original EKOS catheter
  • Minimizes the risks for distal embolization caused by mechanical disruption
  • Low lytic, low blood loss, and low trauma
  • 50% more ultrasound power than the original EKOS catheter

Clot resolution comparison

Clot weight reduction graph comparing DCT, EKOS, EKOS plus EKOS plus clot reduction graph

With 50% more ultrasound power, EKOS+ delivers 130% more clot lysis than standard CDT and 32% more lysis than conventional EKOS.1

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1. Bench data on file