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Glowing glass vial of TheraSphere Glass Microspheres against blue background.

TheraSphere™ Y-90 Glass Microspheres

About TheraSphere

Powerful Y-90 radiation embedded within each glass microsphere

  • Arrives in a custom-sealed source vial with an easy and safe set-up
  • Administration takes less than five minutes
  • Minimizes residual and no concern for stasis or reflux

See how TheraSphere is made

Precision-manufactured glass microspheres are the most powerful radiation therapy on the market.

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Safety and efficacy

TheraSphere is an efficient and powerful HCC therapy that safely delivers high-dose radiation with optimal patient outcomes. TheraSphere’s unique ability to deliver high-dose radiation with fewer spheres allows for maximum absorbed dose and increased tumor response while preserving healthy tissue.¹

And TheraSphere is the only FDA-approved Y-90 treatment for HCC.

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Targeted accuracy

Highly versatile and highly powerful, TheraSphere has been proven to downsize and destroy tumors* in patients with HCC.² Precisely formulated glass microspheres, infused with high-dose Y-90 ensures TheraSphere is delivered with targeted accuracy into HCC tumors.

Product specifications and sizes

TheraSphere treatment entails precisely formulated glass microspheres infused with high-dose Y-90, delivered with targeted accuracy into hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) tumors to improve tumor* response and provide longer overall patient survival. ³,

  • Pure beta emitter
  • Average energy of 0.9367 MeV
  • Average tissue penetration range of 2.5 mm

Powerful interventional radiotherapy

  • Insoluble glass microspheres with a mean diameter of 20-30 µm 
  • Y-90 is an integral constituent of the glass 
  • Standard doses (GBq): 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, & 20, ranging from 1.2 to 8 million microspheres 
  • Custom doses: Between 3 and 20 GBq in 0.5-GBq increments 


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Have your questions answered

Receive additional information to help determine if TheraSphere could be a treatment option for your patients.

A fight against cancer

They’re fighting for quality of life. TheraSphere is uniquely able to help you strike first on both fronts.


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*Refers to HCC or associated tumors