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Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's single coil against black background. Close-up of Embold Detachable Coil System's single coil.


Competitor comparison

See how the EMBOLD Fibered Coil stacks up against other embolization coils

How is Embold Fibered different?

Kink-free nitinol delivery wire, occlusion power, and multi-catheter compatibility make the Embold fully retractable coil stand apart from other coils in embolization procedures in the peripheral anatomy.

Kinkless performance

Watch how Embold compares to Ruby Standard, Concerto, and Azur CX coils.

Embold is unique in its resistance to kinking and premature detachment, so you can make swift, precise moves.

Best-in-class occlusion power

Enhanced thrombogenicity

With a dense network of PET fibers, Embold offers the highest metal volume of any .021" ID microcatheter compatible coil and is built for exceptional deliverability.1

Multi-catheter compatibility  

Increase operational efficiencies 

See how Embold can reduce procedure time by accommodating .021''-.027" ID size microcatheters.

Choose without hesitation

The following microcatheters have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with the Embold Fibered Coil:

Compatible BSC Microcatheters

  • BSC TruSelect (.021”)
  • BSC Direxion (.021”)
  • BSC Renegade (.021”)
  • BSC Renegade STC (.021”)
  • BSC Direxion HI-FLO (.027”)
  • BSC Renegade HI-FLO (.027”)

Other Compatible Microcatheters

  • Terumo Progreat (.022”)
  • Medtronic Rebar (.021”)
  • Merit Maestro (.024”)
  • Merit Maestro (.027”)
  • Terumo Progreat (.027”)
  • Cook Cantata (.021”)
  • Cook Cantata HI-FLO (.027”)
  • Penumbra Lantern (.025”)
  • Asahi Parkway HF (.027”)
  • Medtronic Rebar (.027”)


1. Pre-clinical model: testing results from bovine blood flow loop. Occlusion time is an average of a single 6 x 20 coil from each manufacturer performed three times. 

Bench Test or pre-clinical study results may not necessarily be indicative of clinical performance.