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Competitor comparison

Discover how the simplicity of the EMBOLD™Detachable Coil System stands out compared to other embolization coils.

How is the Embold Detachable Coil System different?

Unlike other fully-retractable coil portfolios, the Embold Coil System can handle any case with just three types of coils – fibered, packing, and soft – on the same delivery system. Together, these three coils provide a complete portfolio that maximizes procedural efficiency and economic value. Reduce coiling complexity and streamline inventory with one portfolio.

  • More efficient performance with multi-catheter compatibility, exceptional deliverability, simplified workflow, and streamlined inventory.
  • Fewer coils to occlude means fewer coils per case. Plus, a comprehensive size matrix for high efficiency.
  • Faster occlusion time for higher procedural efficiency.

Multi-catheter compatibility

Embold coils seamlessly accommodate .021” to .027” ID microcatheters. More versatility and flexibility in catheter selection. Say goodbye to unnecessary exchanges and hello to efficiency with reduced procedure time and streamlined inventory. 

Choose without hesitation

The following microcatheters have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with the Embold Coil System:

Compatible Boston Scientific Microcatheters

BSC TruSelect (.021”)

BSC Direxion (.021”)

BSC Renegade (.021”)

BSC Renegade STC (.021”)

BSC Direxion HI-FLO (.027”)

BSC Renegade HI-FLO (.027”)

Other Compatible Microcatheters

Terumo Progreat (.022”)

Medtronic Rebar (.021”)

Merit Maestro (.024”)

Merit Maestro (.027”)

Terumo Progreat (.027”)

Cook Cantata (.021”)

Cook Cantata HI-FLO (.027”)

Penumbra Lantern (.025”)

Asahi Parkway HF (.027”)

Medtronic Rebar (.027”)

Kinkless performance

Embold coils are unique in their resistance to kinking and premature detachment, so you can be confident delivering in any anatomy. See how the Nitinol delivery system compares to the steel wire of Ruby Standard, Concerto, and Azur CX coils. 

Best-in-class occlusion power

The Embold Coil System offers the greatest metal volume of any .021” microcatheter compatible coils,1 making them the most thrombogenic coils in their class. See how the Embold Coil System compares to top competitors in a pre-clinical porcine model evaluating coils needed to achieve occlusion.2

Embold comparison graph

44% fewer 

Embold Fibered Coils than Penumbra Ruby Standard

Embold comparison graph

57% fewer 

Embold Soft Coils than Penumbra Ruby Soft

Embold compariton graph

65% fewer 

Embold Soft Coils than Medtronic Concerto

Handle-free detachment

Eliminate the need for a detachment ancillary device. Our embolic coils were engineered with a clearly marked breakpoint for intuitive use to reduce procedure steps and cost. 

Embold handle free detachment
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1. The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file

2. Evaluation conducted in a pre-clinical porcine model. Coils were deployed every 3 minutes until complete occlusion was achieved. Complete occlusion was defined as TIMI Grade 0 (no antegrade flow beyond the point of occlusion) and assessed by the physician evaluator. Contralateral vessel pairs of comparable diameters were used for each assessment. For Embold Soft Coil comparisons, 3 replicates were conducted. For Embold Fibered Coil, 4 replicates were conducted. For Embold Soft Coil comparisons, the longest coil length commercially available for each coil type was used: Concerto 4mm x 10cm/Embold Soft Coil 4mm x 30cm and Ruby Soft 6mm x 30cm/Embold Soft Coil 6mm x 60cm. For Embold Fibered Coil, comparable coil lengths were evaluated to assess fiber vs. metal impact: Ruby Standard 6mm x 20cm/Embold Fibered Coil 6mm x 20cm.