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 Embold fibered coil on black background.

EMBOLD™ Detachable Coil System

Introducing the EMBOLD™ Fibered Coil, the EMBOLD™ Packing Coil, and the EMBOLD™ Soft Coil. Simple by design. 

Three Coils. Any Case.

The Embold Detachable Coil System is a portfolio of three fully retractable coils built to maximize procedural flexibility and reliability. These embolic coils are used for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature of adults.

The Embold Fibered Coil, the Embold Packing Coil, and the Embold Soft Coil all feature multi-catheter compatibility, kinkless performance, handle-free detachment, and best-in-class occlusion power.1

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How is the Embold Coil System different?

Learn how one system of simplicity stacks up against other embolization coils.

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1.  The testing was performed by or on behalf of BSC. Data on file.