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Dose Matters.
Power. Embedded Within.

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Fight HCC* with Optimized, High-Potency Y-90 Radiation

TheraSphere’s unmatched radioactive concentration starts with its unique physical characteristics. Y-90 is embedded within the glass matrix of each microsphere, providing a highly potent dose to arm you with a first-choice therapy to improve survivability and quality of life for patients with HCC liver cancer.

microsphere illustrations of glass and resin radiation.

Glass Maintains a Higher Specific Activity Over Time

TheraSphere offers unrivaled power and flexibility, giving you optimal control and versatility to improve patient outcomes.

Glass maintains a higher radiation dose over time.

Personalized dosing. Simplified.

Simplicit90Y™ personalized dosimetry software, developed exclusively for TheraSphere Y-90 Glass Microspheres, allows you to enhance the consistency and efficiency of your dosing calculations. Visualize prospective dose distribution and assess the absorbed dose delivered to give you optimal versatility and control to calculate with confidence.

Simplicit90Y™ Personalized Dosimetry Software image.
body image with liver cancer.

A Proven HCC Therapy for Improved Survivability and Outcomes

Key notable trials, DOSISPHERE-01 and TARGET confirmed the importance of optimal dosing and the correlation between high tumor response and overall survival benefit.


*Refers to HCC (Liver Cancer)

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