Personalized Dosimetry Software

image of monitors displaying Simplicit<sup>90</sup>Y™ software solution for dosimetry planning.
Simplicit90Y™ is a comprehensive software solution for dosimetry planning.

Simplicit90Y is a customized, easy-to-use dosimetry software developed as an accessory to TheraSphere™ Y-90 Glass Microspheres. Simplicit90Y can help accelerate treatment planning and improve Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT) workflow. Simplicit90Y enables physicians to quickly embrace TheraSphere personalized dosimetry and effectively advance clinical practices with dedicated tools and features.

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Design Details

Simplicit90Y is a comprehensive software solution for dosimetry planning, allowing you to:


Enhance Consistency And Efficiency

Simplicit90Y allows you to easily incorporate multimodal images with a range of high-performance registration tools, all with one common interface. Coupled with automated and semi-automated tools for segmentation, this reduces inter-user variability and improves dosimetry consistency and planning confidence. 


Analyze with Ease

Manipulate your data and expedite analysis with tools for the following:

  • Image-based (2D, 3D) dosimetry assessment
  • Rapid LSF calculation
  • Advanced image registration quality control tools


Confirm Y-90 Treatment Quality

Simplicit90Y provides the capability to visualize prospective dose distribution and assess the absorbed dose delivered to structures of interest. By allowing for pre- and post-treatment dosimetry, this software can help determine the effectiveness of a patient’s Y-90 SIRT with confidence.


Personalize Dosimetry

Simplicit90Y can be used to interactively tailor the absorbed dose per perfused volume by adjusting the injected activity. The software tools can be customized to a patient’s specific tumor presentation and anatomy.



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