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TCT 2021 - WATCHMAN LAAC Closure

On-Demand E-Satellite session: Current Data and Future Directions in Left Appendage Closure

This session focuses on the current clinical data in left atrial appendage device closure as well as ongoing studies and evidence gaps.  This symposium will include information on the safety of current devices, head-to-head comparison data on device closure, as well as ongoing studies comparing LAAC to direct oral anticoagulants.

TCT 93 - Left Atrial Appendage Sealing Performance of the Amplatzer Amulet and WATCHMAN FLX Device: A Head-to-Head Comparison

SEAL FLX is the first study that compares occlusion results of the WATCHMAN FLX™ device and the AmplatzerTM AmuletTM device exclusively, using cardiac computed tomography (CT)1.

WATCHMAN FLX Demonstrated Statistically Superior Complete Occlusion* vs Amulet (p=0.001)

Comparison chart showing complete occlusion at 8 Weeks (per CT)

* Complete occlusion is defined as no visible peri-device leak (PDL) and absence of contrast patency in the distal LAA (LAA/Left Atrium Hounsfield Ratio <0.25).

1. Korsholm-K et al; TCT 2021.