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Value of Platinum Chromium (PtCr) Stents

Interventional Cardiologists Agree

It’s no surprise that 95 percent of Interventional Cardiologists identified PtCr stents as the most visible under angiography1. Enhanced visibility can impact device usage, procedure times and radiation exposure in the cath lab. But what could this mean for your bottom line?  See Results
Get More Economic Value

Get More Economic Value

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Survey Methodology

In a survey of 62 Interventional Cardiologists, respondents were asked to identify which stent was the most visible stent in this image.

The Interventional Cardiologists were then asked to quantify the potential savings.

The Results

Reduced Device Usage

Physicians surveyed indicated that a more visible stent, such as PtCr, could help them decrease number of stents by 14% and balloon usage by 18%. 

For an average hospital, this means that PtCr could save over $133,000 per year due to increased visibility2.

Procedure Times

The group collectively believed that a more visible stent could lead to reduced procedure times, resulting in potential savings of $162,5003, 4.

Radiation Exposure

Exposure is an important issue in today’s cath lab. Physicians in this survey believed that stent visibility could reduce cath lab staff and patient exposure to radiation, resulting in a potential reduction of over 25 hours per year5.

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