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EXALT Performance

Familiar duodenoscope design in a
single-use platform

EXALTTM Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope Generation 4 / Familiar Performance

Today's Model D is the result of multiple generations of enhancements

Model D Generation 4 features changes to enhance the physician experience, including: Enhanced color consistency achieved by reducing LED color output variation.

For many physicians, ERCP procedures can be physically challenging and even painful at times. Driven by real-world results and direct feedback from gastroenterologists, EXALT™ Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope has undergone updates to 26 of 99 device components – creating a responsive, ergonomic scope that enhances the overall user experience.  Force reduction and ergonomics updates have been achieved in prior generations of Model D enhancements, including: 

  • Significant force reductions to improve the overall user experience
  • Reduced friction in steering wires, elevator levers, handle and knobs
  • More flexible working channel
  • Redesigned elevator linkage to augment the system’s mechanical advantage
  • Updated handle assembly to increase access to large and small wheels
  • Shortened knob-stack height to reduce reach to the left/right knob



Physicians React

Leading physicians discuss their experiences with EXALT Model D and why there’s a need for new duodenoscope technologies.
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Find out how EXALT Model D provides a familiar design in a single-use duodenoscope platform.

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The future of clinical endoscopy is here

Lightweight, familiar design with physician comfort in mind.
new generation 3 Exalt Model D single use duodenoscope being held by a surgeon
Lightweight, familiar design with physician comfort in mind.
Exalt Model D distal tip showing left to right and up and down motion
4-way bending capability at the distal tip. Consistent out-of-the-box range of motion comparable to reusable duodenoscopes.
guidewire passing through the distal tip of Exalt Model D
Elevator designed to deliver consistent performance and facilitate guidewire locking at the distal tip of the duodenoscope.
the assembly of the new generation 3 Exalt Model D
Designed to facilitate image capture and integrate with your endoscopic report writer.
The Exalt Model D controller
Use with the EXALT™ Controller, designed to provide a reduced capital footprint during ERCP.
Generation 3 Exalt Model D with SpyGlass DS
Compatible with all Boston Scientific single-use endoscope accessories.
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Proven Patient Care

Backed by real-world case studies and peer-reviewed, published studies,
EXALT Model D is proven to perform.


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