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EXALT Performance

Familiar duodenoscope design

in a single-use platform

EXALTTM Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope / Familiar Performance

Ergonomically designed for physician comfort

For many physicians, ERCP procedures can be physically challenging and even painful at times. Driven by direct feedback from gastroenterologists, Boston Scientific improved the feel and functionality of EXALT Model D. New ergonomic features include:

  • Redesigned assembly for quicker access to control knobs
  • Streamlined left/right locking mechanism for faster engagement
  • A taller, easier-to-reach image capture button
  • Smoother, more comfortable knobs and elevator levers

Physicians React

Leading physicians discuss their experiences with EXALT Model D and why there’s a need for new duodenoscope technologies.
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Find out how EXALT Model D provides a familiar design in a single-use duodenoscope platform.

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Familiar performance

The future of clinical endoscopy is here

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Proven Patient Care

Backed by real-world case studies and peer-reviewed, published studies,
EXALT Model D is proven to perform.


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