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EXALT™ Model D

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Familiar Performance

EXALT Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope provides familiar features in a single-use platform. 


Hear from Professor Alessandro Repici as he discusses his experiences using the EXALT Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope.


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Familiar performance

Familiar Design in a Single-Use Platform


Familiar Functionality

The EXALT Model D Duodenoscope is designed to function similarly to reusable duodenoscopes.

EXALT Model D utilizes a familiar mechanical interface for articulating the distal tip of the endoscope and manipulating the elevator.
Use right/left locking mechanism to maintain tip deflection during procedures.
Press the camera button to cature images.
Use down/up locking mechanism to maintain tip deflection during procedures.
Push elevator force lever to extend the elevator.
Compatible only with OrcaTM Single-Use Valves and SealTM Biopsy Valve as well as the SealTM Biopsy Valve that comes with our RX Locking Device.

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EXALT Model D Single-Use Duodenoscope.

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