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New Devices Advance Cholangioscopy

Learn how two new devices are continuing to expand the cholangioscopy platform to optimize the care of patients with pancreatic and biliary stones and strictures.

Managing Bleeds & Tissue Resection

Resolution 360™ Clip

Discover the benefits of the one-to-one physician controlled rotation and Clip placement of the Resolution 360 Clip.

Speedband Superview 7™ Multiple Band Ligator

Speedband Superview Super 7™ Multiple Band Ligator

See how the Speedband Superview 7 Multi Band Ligator is used for endoscopic ligation of esophageal varices.

Captivator™ II Snares

Captivator™ II Snares

Explore stiff and rounded snare options for removal of polyps and tissue within the GI tract.

Interject™ Sclerotherapy Needles

Interject™ Sclerotherapy Needles

Designed to provide access for injection therapy applications and may be used for polypectomy and EMR.

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Biliary Stone Management

Learn about biliary stone management treatment options designed for improved procedural efficiency


Esophageal Stenting

Discover advanced stent technologies for esophageal strictures.