By Kenneth Binmoeller, MD

Interventional Endoscopy

Dr. Binmoeller discusses innovation in interventional endoscopy and how he came to invent the AXIOS™ technology.


Quality Repairs

Quality repairs for flexible endoscopes: Why ISO Certification is Important

In the medical device industry, every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery, faces increasing scrutiny to ensure safety and quality.

Case Studies



The Jagwire™ Revolution High Performance Guidewire

The Jagwire Revolution High Performance Guidewire is a versatile .025” guidewire with straightor angled configurations and optional preloaded into an Autotome™ RX Cannulating Sphincterotome. The Jagwire Revolution is engineered to have the stiffness and push-ability of a .035” guidewire and combines both access and exchange characteristics.

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