How Esophageal Stenting is Changing the Treatment Landscape in East Africa

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A Clinical Discussion of the 20mm AXIOS™ Stent

Physicians with experience placing the 20mm AXIOS™ Stent discuss in what clinical situations they chose to opt for the larger stent and if there were any benefits associated with the use of the larger diameter.

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Interventional Endoscopy

Dr. Binmoeller discusses innovation in interventional endoscopy and how he came to invent the AXIOS™ technology.

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Biliary Stricture Management Algorithm using RFA and Stent Placement

Cholangiocarcinoma has a poor survival rate and the quality of life for patients may be affected through obstructive jaundice, smoldering cholangitis or even sepsis.

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The Training Physicians Want for Long-term Success

At Boston Scientific, we’re committed to physician education and helping you succeed in providing the best patient care possible.

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Quality Repairs for Flexible Endoscopes: Why ISO Certification Is Important

In the medical device industry, every step of a product’s life cycle, including service and delivery, faces increasing scrutiny to ensure safety and quality.

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