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Increasing HeartLogic Alert Level Leads to Proactive Check with Intervention and Rapid Resolution of Heart Failure Symptoms



HeartLogic™ Heart Failure Index

85-year-old male

Patient History:

  • Chronic HFrEF stable at NYHA class II symptoms
  • Paroxysmal atrial flutter/Afib
  • Previous CRT-D implantation
  • CAD, i schemic cardiomyopathy
  • LVEF reported at 20% in 2017

Timeline Prior to Alert:
Day 1: CRT-D change out due to ERI indicator. Implanted RESONATE with HeartLogic Heart Failure Diagnostic. Atrial flutter at implant with successful pace termination.

  • Latitude enabled with HeartLogic tailored for device reporting to EP/device clinicians. HeartLogic reporting tailored to heart failure (HF) cardiologist in practice. Weight scale and blood pressure cuff ordered.
  • Post-op/wound check with recurrent atrial flutter and successful pace termination. Sleep incline calibrated. Patient symptomatic.

(A) Day 81: Proactive device check at remote clinic due to patient symptoms with increasing HeartLogic score (56). Patient back in atrial flutter with successful pace termination.

  • Patient referred back to EP for arrhythmia management and possible ablation.
  • HeartLogic data evaluated by HF physician with addition of Torsemide 20mg and Metolazone 2.5mg and d/c Furosemide 40mg.
HeartLogic Contributing Trends Graph
(B) Day 98: HeartLogic index returns to 0.



Clinical Data

trend chart
trend chart


S1 chart


thoracic impedence

     Thoracic Impedence

respiratory rate

     Respiratory Rate

Night heart rate

     Night Heart Rate

sleep incline

     Sleep Incline



Blood pressure

     Blood Pressure

Activity level

     Activity Level

AT/AF Burden

     AT/AF Burden

HeartLogic Trend Graph for V Therapy

     V Therapy

HeartLogic Trend Graph for Mean Heart Rate

     RV Rate during AT/AF

HeartLogic Trend Graph for Mean Heart Rate

     Mean Heart Rate

HeartLogic Trend Graph for % LV Paced

     % LV Paced

HeartLogic Trend Graph for Heart Rate Variability (SDANN)

     Heart Rate Variability (SDANN)


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Results from the case studies are not necessarily predictive of results in other cases. Results in other cases may vary.